About me (my song)

pixel_shimSo who am I? Michael Schade, erstwhile novelist. Also childless 40ish man who remains unmarried. I work odd jobs, repair computers, watch sc-fi  and proudly love the ocean. My family comes from there so those smells echo past glories and failings. Still tweets and chirps bring a smile when I rise in the morning. I live in Northeastern Oklahoma right now. Crazy weather surrounds me as fluttering tree leaves swirl. No ocean here. Cold slap of salt and fish nowhere to  be found. Soft sand is alt least 400 miles south. I’m blessed. My sister lives near Puget Sound so I remember easier at times.

pixel_shimHowever, if you Google my name you will find a lot of people who share my name. I am none of them. Well, maybe some. I’m not the operatic tenor nor the guys who live in Germany or New York state. I do own the 9/11 pictures if you come across them. I am myself. If you have any questions, tweet me @thunderclap on twitter. Thanks for reading this.


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