I am still here! Dilly! Dilly!

Well, I think this is the longest I have ever went without posting. Sorry about that.

Alot has happened since the last post. I posted Song of Route 91 on the Nanowrimo site. I then reedited it, so remove the junk and continue the story. (Sometimes I mash things together to meet the word count and cull it). In the process of reediting it, I guess I decided I would use it (as it is a now [ie Oct 2017] story) to fill in the gasps in Heartbeat song ( like why did Lorelei have to go, what happened to hers and Tom’s relationship, the prophecy etc). So suddenly, we now have a gate in the Luxor, and all this romantic baggage fit for an episode of ‘The Bachelor’.

I am going to wrap this story up shortly because if I don’t it will become a novel. It basically is now about the Tom, Lorelei, Gwen triangle and the fulfillment of the prophecy of the restorer of the breach. (its bigger than you thought). Also I get to use Jacob the Mighty who is doing the heavy lifting (because he started all this), questions will be answered and there will be more underwater actions (unlike Christmas circle).

After I finish it will appear here as well as on the book seller sites. Following that I will continue on with Heartbeat song which will deal with Taft High massacre, wrap up the story lines for everyone there (expect those who follow forward).

One thing I don’t think I will do is the actual scene where Tom goes to his uncle (Graverobber) to get the white onyx for Gwen. Why? because that can become a short story on it own.  Also, I kinda want to use some of the Repo songs in Heartbeat song.

Then again, I didn’t expect the story to take this turn while I was writing it either. I am only a few chapters in, but I figure it should top out at 50K. Its hard to write because its so sad. Still it needs to be filled in so there is a sense of where everything is so when the dramatic events happen they have the appropriate context.

Yes, I will have celebrities in this with their real name. There is no way around this, so I am putting a similar warning like I did in Christmas circle.  Also, I am confirming many more of my choices so I can have active paths for them. I have posted the current list of people who aren’t apart of the assembly reality so but I will update it in the future.

Also one final thing. When I started this version, it was 2011 and the person who I chose for Gwen, was still in high school (a sophomore). This year, 2018, she is a college senior. Time flies but it also helps put things in perspective. Hopefully, your 2018 will be good too.

You, sir, are a true friend to the crown! Dilly! Dilly!


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