Yes I am still here.

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. My life has been eventful and it hasn’t lent itself to posting. It’s august now and I haven’t posted anything.

So, here we go:

  1. I am at the point in Heartbeat Song where I will have to write the actual attack. The actual attack will be Lorelei’s pov and it will explain how a member of the assembly can be killed with a gun even though they have thick skin and muscles.
  2. Aria is introduced in this story but won’t interact with the rest of the characters. She will spend the bulk of her story underwater. Also, you will get through her a small story about the LA gate.  Also, I chose Katie Stevens as her. She can sing, there is pics of her when she is sixteen on the net, she is an awesome person and well, I love her acting.
  3. The LA hasn’t always been in LA it was originally in Vancouver. That is where Stargate SG-1 was shot.
  4. Hopefully you will see how everyone changes for the worse from this book to Song of Betrayal
  5. I have decided to reuse Jen’s character. She is now Eliza and is an engineer who got the same disease (philia) Gwen got. You will see how she solves getting to the throne room.
  6. This story also lets you in on a secret that only Tom and Chelsey share.
  7. Chelsey’s parents are Charles and Gwendolyn from ‘Charles in Charge’. She herself was adopted by them because Gwendolyn can’t have children. Charles is now a Professor at Princeton (2007)
  8. Decided to worry about dealing with copyrights on dead shows until I get visible enough to get actually noticed.
  9. That being said, I have formally abandoned the ‘Faking It’ fan fiction stories as unworkable. I can’t make the leap without using a kludge to explain the time differential.  I have a better idea and its why I posted it in 6. You will like it.
  10. Also, Faking it is dead as well. I don’t have the money to pay from what it would cost to get complete rights even for story so there you go. Besides My ending was better than the one everyone was left with.

If you really want that watch the Bold type on Freeform. Jane is adult Karma.

That is the update for now.


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