What about Cleveland?

So what about Cleveland. Really there is nothing about in the series, to be mentioned. I used this title because its topical and fits with the theme of this post. Its about updates on the series.

So why Cleveland? Well as I am writing this, there is a serial killer roaming its streets this Easter evening seeking a fifteenth person to kill on facebook live. Kinda horrible right? Well, in the book ‘Heartbeat Song’ that kinda where I am at. Right up to the point where I have to create the Taft Massacre that you all saw pieces of in Song of Betrayal and Homecoming Song. Each over these you saw from Tom and Gwen’s prespectives respectively. However, you never saw Lorelei’s because at that point, she is dead.

That’s the first reveal. She isn’t actually dead. She’s in the same statis they put all the corspes they place is the Hall of Memories in Antarctica. The difference is, she didn’t die before the statis field was applied. She went into hiberation. That happened because Tom would let her die. He loved her too much. So she had to tell him the truth about the vision she saw about the repairer of the breach.

Its heady stuff, dark drama that happens on the day of the attack. This story finishes out the first trilogy (Midnight Train song, Song of the Gyre and Heatbeat Song) which also finishes Shae and Kent’s story line, finishes the introduction of Tom and Gwen as well as the major players of the second trilogy.

Sorry about the wierd way I am writing it, its just this is the way its coming. At least when this story is finished there will be at least some cohesion in the storyline.

So right now I am writing a scene where the King meeting with a group of surface people of influence to determine how to handle the upcoming massacre. It serves to explain some of the opinions of everyone on the surface people, reveals where the Natal house is (as far as I am aware I didnt reveal that in Homecoming song) [ Technically I did in the second draft of Song fo Betrayal before I broke the book in half and added Pyhrric Victory song to it. However, since that will be edited once I finish this, I could still change it so I did.], gives you a glimpse of things I hinted at in Song of Betrayal and gives the most thorough walk through of the connection between NYC/Lafayette yet.

This story is hard, not because of the what it is or how it ends but because I know who Lorelei now. When I first wrote the first draft of Song of Betrayal (back when it was Run to You), I didn’t think anything about it. Yet as I kept and developed the school and Coach Sylvan and Coach Grace and Gwen, I learned more and more. Now I find it difficult to say good bye even temporarily.

That’s is exactly what Tom feels. He’s never found someone who loves him for who is: a street wise Detriot punk who got lucky enough that his dad was roadie for a major band and his mom Police secretary. Suddenly for a year the world opens for him. 90 days he’s connected with this magical lady who ‘gets’ him and pushes him to be better.

He’s not about to let her go and that alters everything. Even her prophecy of her own death. You all have seen him take down Coach Delamort. Yet there is so much more syrrounding it, like why she decides to go into statis, who does it (Chelsey) and how this ties into the prophecy itself.

When I am done, this will be it for the time from 2006-2008. Song of Restoration, which deals with Aria’s golden ticket theft and Gwen becoming the princess, is in mid 2009. Really, all I have to do is pull out the Jenn scenes now and finish the edit. It will be ready too.

This wraps up this update, thanks for reading everyone.


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