Housecleaning update

So I have someone good news. Finally figured out how to get my stories posted without using scribd or plugins to look how I write them. So you will finally see the stories the way I see them. Thats very good.

Song of the Gyre is up now. Its the second chronologically in the series. Which leads me to the second bit of housecleaning.  The top menu has always been the primary and side one the secondary. I didn’t quite know what I was doing so they all repeated. I fixed that problem too. The top menu should only have non story items while the side bar will have the stories in chronological order.

That brings me to the third thing. I realized that ‘Christmas Circle’ has been out a year and never made it to the blog. Its there now. It is most current story having been set in 2015.

Thanks to all who voted for Morgan Willett. The margin was 500 people. Never doubt that your vote counts. It did for her.

Song of Betrayal will be up shortly. Thats all for now. Thanks again.

Oh and to be fair there wasn’t steelers or Tom Brady here.


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