Spirit day and dark night

Happy #spiritday. Thats Hester High the fictional nearly Bully high school that alot of us miss. Nevertheless, Its been a while since I posted last. Sorry about that. Things got away from me. So an update on where everything is.

So in order with a nice numbered list:

  1. Center cannot hold became Song of the Gyre. It now directly connects to Midnight Train Song. Only a month has past in time so its October 2006.
  2. Other than leaving the orginal football play opening, the rest of the story is new. You get a deeper explanation on who the Warriors of Dagon are. You get a taste who Dagon was. You get a scene of Posideon Celano and how the assembly began.
  3. You learn who Coach Sylvan is and why she is important. Also why the resurrection vial would be in her desk drawer.
  4. You met those who actually cause the Taft High massacre and some victims.
  5. You get cute scenes with Lorelei and Tom at Coupe de monde.

Its almost done. its 24000 words and I will post it here. I will also post Song of Betrayal as well. The problem with it is I can only do that in pdf. Sorry but amazon charges too much for bound books not backed by the big five. Its annoying.

  1. After I post Song of the Gyre, I will finish Heartbeat song. Hopefully I can actually publish and market the three books so everyone can see them not just the smattering her that do. If I can, I can. if not then meh.
  2. There will be a Christmas story. Its going to be Faking it and will involve them at college and Tom and Gwen. It should be short like Christmas circle.
  3. As for Faking it! unless Netflix picks it up its gone. The actors have moved on and the sets etc are gone. One of my goals is still rights for it so I will know about that 2017
  4. The Assembly reality does not have the chaos we have for a presidental election because even House of Cards is better that what we got. So if i feel a need to mention the sitting president it will be neither of the four running.
  5. I might use Jack & Bobby history (cw show dealing with a president in 2050 when he was a teen. It was when cw was WB) I might not.
  6. After those and my life settles then I will get Song of Restotation. I have it setting on my hard drive waiting but it still has the old plot, jen and the old way tom and gwne handle each other. It would not make sense with the new info.

That’s all there is now.

A quick peek:  the founding island of the Assembly was Kerguelen Island in the Southern Ocean. At the time of the assembly, they had figured out Gate travel and massed in the thousands exploring in viking like long boats that were large enough to sail across oceans.

So remember yesterday (because I am posting this on Friday at midnight cst) was #spiritday and go vote. Vote for Frank underwood if you have to (and can write in someone) or veyron supreme or that guy John oliver mentions on his show recently.


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