The path forward and behind

As I have worked on this series,  I have discovered several things I have wanted to integrate in. From changing Lorelei from a passive character to the incorporation of Reagan Dawn to the development of Taft high, I have strived to make a better story.

Each story has been better I feel than the last. Holes have been filled. Gaps in the narrative that have been filled with stories that illuminate paths. I feel that each has been a journey that is a destination leading to another.

Yet, as I continue I discovered the is no established order you all know. If you go to Barnes and Noble or Amazon (Sorry, that print bound is so high that’s them not me.)  I have 3 books for sale that are in a specific order. That’s not really the order I wanted, I discovered today.

So here is the order I have settled on. This won’t change. I will make a total of nine books/slash stories. Some won’t be for sale in bound form, others will. The current order is for bound form. So to begin:

First set of three is: Songs of the fall

  1. Midnight train song
  2. Song of the Gyre
  3. Heartbeat Song

These songs revolve around Lorelei. How she mets Tom, her life at Taft High, her opposition and ultimately her sacrifice which is fulfills part of the ‘Restorer of the breach’ prophecy.   Midnight train song is available now. I am currently working on Song of the Gyre. Its a version of the glee fan fic ‘Center cannot hold’ however it doesn’t follow the same plot. Center Cannot hold is a wrapper for episode 2 of glee. This isn’t.

Song of the Gyre deals with Shae Nyx and her opposition of Lorelei because she is jealous of her. She has Kent but treats with contempt. She sees her a queen bitch who has everything and doesn’t care about anyone. Shae figures that if she topples her and steals Kent she will get want she wants.

Lorelie on the other hand, sees Kent as a small minded person polluted by the lies of the warriors of Dagon and needs to separate from him. Its hard because she wants a boyfriend to lean on. When Shae challenges her, she uses that to her own advantage and lets her take Kent. During all this she gets the first sides of the coming attack on the school however she has no clue what part she will play.

HeartBeat Song deals with the actual attack on Taft High. In later books like Song of Betrayal and Homecoming song this is refernced at the Taft High massacre. (which happened 4 days before Virigina Tech making it the worst week for school deaths in US history.) This story starts with Lorelei in first person POV but finishes with Tom’s POV. You see how he meets people he associates with in later novels including Brad from Faking It.

It will be the darkest book I will write. It will detail how truly bad the warriors of Dagon are and how they came to be. It will have some lovecraftian elements in them but I decided that there is no Cthulu in my reality at leats not in the sense of a sentient deity. A sentient being yes. Even the dolphin are sentient in my reality so why not octopi?

I have several pages of it done, but put it on pause to do song of the gyre which I though would simply be an edit of Center cannot hold. It took a life of its own which ultimately is a good thing.

The second set of three: Siren songs

  1. Song of Betrayal
  2. Song of Restoration
  3. Homecoming Song

These set of stories revolve around Gwen who hasn’t been a main character in the first group. In fact, what you see of Gwen is her pre-massacre personality which as mix of grace and raw force. She’s much more aggressive and harsh because she feels everything can be solved with a song.  She has yet to see the error of this path as her mirror, Aria, isn’t in her life yet.

All three of these books have been written. Song of Betrayal and Homecoming Song are available to read now. As for Song Of Restoration, it is awaiting the final edit which I will do once I finish writing HeartBeat Song.

The third set of three: Songs of Hope

I actually haven’t settled on the titles for these yet so I am not going to pull up titles that eventually won’t be used. Nevetheless, these stories will revolve around the fulfillment of the ‘restorer of the breach’ as well as the final end to the warriors of Dagon. You will see Gwen as a successful musician on par with Taylor Swift & Ella Fitgerald. These are also the stories that will reveal the differences between this world and ours.

There are significant differences outside of Gwen’s path and the fact mermaids exist. I have elaborated on several. There are more I haven’t. Once I publish Song of Restoration, I will have a better idea exact what changes are doable without making the general stream hard.

Sadly, ceratin individuals I would like to remove would alter the timeline too much for my taste so I have to leave them be. Others aren’t so lucky. As I have said before, There is no Kayne West, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Justin Beiber or Miley Cyrus in my 2016 for various reasons I have established. All have had opportunies that have led them to success or survival. Flip the coin (rescue the label or apply a little more impact in the car crash) and they aren’t there.

Another example is NWA. Without Gerald E. “Jerry” Heller, they wouldn’t have formed. He served in the U.S. Army during Vietnam meaning he was drafted in 1958 when he turned 18. If he was killed while serving, there you go. Eazy-E would have founded Ruthless records alone and it wouldn’t have survived. Eventually him and dr. Dre would end up in jail.

As of this point, I haven’t settled on NWA. They don’t interfer with Gwen’s path. I perfer to not deviate if I dont have too. Besides Heller early death doesn’t just affect Eazy-E, it effects  Elton John and Pink Floyd too.

Also, there are several other stories that are outside this group of 9. Like the stories involing Aria’s mother, the ones involving Amy and Karma and those in previous eras. These build the background and bring lit to other areas.

I hope you are looking forward to these stories as much as I am. Thanks for all of you who are stopping by, whether to support ‘Faking it’ read other items or simply support Mermaid fiction. Enjoy.



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