The hard truth

Hello, everyone. First of all thanks everyone for coming and seeing this page even if its for Faking it and not neccessarily for my stories. My hope is after you see the Faking it items you stay and read the stories and buy them. That’s what we all want, not just me.

This brings me to to Faking it. There is something everyone, including myself has ignored. We all love great stories. We all love our favorite actors and actresses, showwriters and authors. However, they have the need to be paid too. This isn’t going to be a screed about copyright, IP etc. Nope. My beliefs on that subject don’t belong here. Nor do anyone elses.

Over the course of time since I proposed the kickstarter I have done research on it. I discovered several details I will share. Before I do, I need to make something clear that I didn’t before. I can’t lead the charge. Kickstarter needs a person or company to have a bank account on file for the money.You aren’t paying them, you are paying the person who launched in exchange for access, gifts, perks etc.

I don’t want you to pay me.  I honestly don’t want that responsibilty. Plus, I don’t have the time to shepard this. I have very personal life issues that take presedence over this show, over my writing and other things I value. These have to be addressed. So I apologize if I gave the presumption that I would do the kickstarter. The I, ‘I’ meant was the faking family as a whole. Not me.

I wanted you to know it could be done and what to do. So here is what I learned:

  1. If Netflix etc doesn’t take on Faking it as a orginal, the only course left is that of self production. This isn’t simply hard. Its monumentally hard for someone who isn’t in the industry. There is SAG to deal with, contracts, sets, cinematography, makeup, wardrobe, lighting and scripts. Above all else we would need production rights. Those belong solely to Viacom. A contract would have to be signed. One that involves purchasing those rights.
  2. Without anyone else, the kickstarter would have to either go the route of Anaxar (do it as a fan film production with the possiblity of seriously angering Viacom) or going the route of actually buying the catalog from Viacom (parent of MTV). Doing this means effectlvely removing all 38 episodes  from them to where? A website someone would have to run 24/7. It would eat serious bandwhich with is also lots of money. this website would have to handle the streaming of the videos in multiples. I have a background in computers. This alone costs $1000s.
  3. I believe the catalog would be worth 3 million if I am correct. I have tried to get a straight answer, no one either actually knows or simply wont answer. However, based what I know from friends who do make stuff and what I have seen, Its would cost about $50 grand per episode.That breaks down to $2500 a minute. Why do you think that most online only items like Verizon’s sposnsored ‘Relationship Status’ was on 7 minutes long. (If you love Rita watch them)
  4. This isn’t impossible. I just lack the skill or resources to do it myself. Thats why I posted it on my wordpress blog. In hopes people like you and others who do have the resources, live in Hollywood or have contacts can help. I live in Houston, trying to get a job in the aviation or computer industry. Right now I work for a big box chain.

This is where you all come in. Of the people I have talked too about this, most are upset that show is gone and that they want a finish. Few want a book, they want at least a movie or another season. Ok, I agree. How much DO YOU want that movie?  Many have asked what can they do to help? Here you go:

  1. If you have a netflix account, go to their customer care and tell them you think they need to have Faking it as a part of their lineup. They are listening intently about this. If they see an audience and believe it will help their bottom line, they will take it. Even if its just to rub MTVs nose in failure. People need to keep pressure on them and they will agree. The thunderclap was a success. However, pressure needs to be maintained. Otherwise, it fades away.
  2. Search for faking it on netflix. This is a trackable metric to them and it counts.
  3. If you know someone who works in the movie industry, ask them about shows, collect information. Faking it is cheap to produce because its basically just five peoples lives. The wardrobe was from Forever 21 and other mall based stores. The hardest part is getting Bailey, Michael, Gregg, Rita (who apparently hates social media) and Katie in one place. If you know someone who has a SAG-AFTRA account that would be a plus because that would be needed to contract Rita and Gregg’s agents. (the rest are on social media and love the community and support this. This is not to say Rita and Gregg don’t they are just silent about it)
  4. Kickstarters need concrete details. shows what can be done and how expensive it was. Thats without rights. The show will be impossible to do with Rita and Katie. So both have to be on board or its all for naught.
  5. This article also shows what a kickstarter can do. “The 30-day campaign to raise the funds launched May 17. It had raised $255,853 from 3,273 backers as of 1 p.m. on Saturday, its 17th day.” Note that: 3,273 people raised $255,853 dollars for  Kickstarter Lullaby 
  6. Go to that link above, it is the best example of what is being done. Exmaple and ask yourself how much can you afford?  The largest backing group pledged $50.
  7. This brings this back to me. I have nothing to offer Faking it related.All of it belongs to MTV.

This is my last post on Faking it. I completed my short story ‘We saw the dream’ and its on Wattpad and I might after everything in my life has settled add on. I set it so if I want to or need to I can. However, it works as a much better ending that the one given. No cliffhangers. Why can’t I right more about Karma and Amy now? Outside of rights issues, there are in 2016. My stories are in 2007-2010. I might in the future, just not now.

I turn this over to all of you to make the dream real. Push hard. Be prepared to give up time, effort and money. Use those connections you have. To save Faking it you need a team. However, I can’t be a part of that team anymore. I will be there in spirit though.

However, if you want to help me, here are some links:


  1.  This is my first novel of the series ‘Midnight train Song’ It reveals the origin of Tom. The book is also on Amazon in paperback.
  2. The second novel “Song of Betrayal” from Barnes and Noble, Amazon in paperback (yes, it is THAT much and I still make nothing off it) and Ibooks.
  3. The third novel (which is technically the fourth but Song of Restoration is held up) Homecoming Song also on Barnes and Noble.

I actually make royalities off the 99c ebooks. Amazon I dont. For the record because of My deals with them, that is the real price of books not the deeply discounted one everyone pays.

Thanks everyone for reading. This blog will now return to informational posts about mermaids trying to take over the world with their beauty, music and talents. Just now that two of them are girls going to Clement who have a unique bond of love.



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