Quick update on everything

Ok, I kinda broke my nothing outside of the story reality rule on the last post. I really needed to post in an area where everyone could see and get an idea how to move ahead to hopefully save Faking it! Its a good show and it deserves to finish.

This brings me to the topic:

  1. Right now MTV studios on both coasts are being sent postcards to the executives to protest the cancelation. Also, the fanbase has alerted Netflix that it thinks Faking It! should continue. Pleasantly, Netflix has been receptive and communicative. They have always taken bold risks especially around House of Cards and Orange is the new black. So this would be leaving 3 million in revenue on the table. ( 0.3 share = 300000 people watching. $10 a piece in subscription fee is 3 million.) Assuming the asking price for the catalog is then it’s break even with the potential for more. We are awaiting their formal response.
  2. Hulu on the other hand has basically said they are unsure. Viacom has informed people who I am in contact with that its basically all or nothing with other groups. So the other groups would have to buy the catalog if they are outside the family.
  3. Freeform is owned by disney and has rejected any offers. CW has no space and also rejected interest.
  4. The kickstarter is still active but I and the others are waiting until its the final option before presuing it. Why? WE would have to form a shell company, convince Viacom that we only want rights to create a 2 hr movie. (effectively 6 episodes). IP licencing would be involved for specific individuals who write, create etc.
  5. Finally, if all that fails, then I will integrate them into here formally in a series of free stories to resolve their outstanding arc. I will fullfil the promise Carter made and do his arc because I like it. The only real difference is it will be a world filled with mermaids
  6. Right now on the story front, I am doing Amy’s journal. That is a series of 1000 word posts in her voice that are basically a journal of her thoughts on a subject. Right now its dealing with the last canon issue which is forgiveness of Sabrina and Karma’s house burning down. There will be one more dealing with the rest of episode 10 then its back to working on Heartbeat song and Song of Restoration.
  7. Amy and Karma actually helped me fill a missing piece. Amy is now and allows me to keep seeing how Tom and Gwen would be now so I can do more foreshadow and developement of them with a eye to the future. Amy looks and acts like Lorelei and this spooks her but in a good way. It tells her she can be anyone she wants. It validates her no labels mantra.
  8. This also helps me flesh out Lorelei so her scenes are stronger. Lorelei isn’t Amy but she kinda has most of the same traits. She chose athletics rather than art because she could see everything if she looked hard enough.
  9. To sum up, I am in a holding pattern for Faking it! until everyone else decides their course. If Netfix takes it then I am back to where I was with MTV. Mostly unconnected fanfics that are there but not apart of the main body. Otherwise 40,000 words of Karma and Amy and Lauren, Shane and Liam.
  10. To all the new visitors thanks for reading.

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