Saving Faking it

Ok, so today it was announced by Viacom that Faking it wasn’t renewed because it had such poor ratings according to them. They said that only 330,000 people watched this season. Regardless of the reasons, there is an outpouring of people who don’t want it to die.

I am one of them. However, we can be angry or we can solve this problem. I have a solution as do others. However, I can’t do this alone. My voice here and on line is small because I write. I am not famous. This is a controversial subject that generates backlash.

Nevertheless, this is what I propose and what I plan to do.

I will start a kickstarter to move the rights to us. Apparently people don’t understand what rights mean or simply don’t believe its possible. They are wrong.

  1. MTV/Viacom owns the rights. The rights are the ability for Katie and Rita to be Karma and Amy, the names of the places like the ‘brew and chew’, Hester Hight etc. This does include the distribution of the show and the media itsself.
  2. We don’t need that. We need the right to make more of Faking it and the right to use the intellectual  property which is exactly what Faking it is to the people who run Viacom.
  3. Right now, I believe the writers of Faking Dan steele etc and carter have ideas and plans for Faking it. However, they work just like the guy at the mcdonalds, starbucks target Forever 21 does. This was their job and they were all fired effectively. So this could mean they would be rehired to finish or it can mean we get their stuff only.
  4. This isn’t an easy thing I am suggesting. Its a hard, expensive thing That could cost hundreds of thousands. I know that sounds intimidating. But numerous other shows have been produced on Kickstarter. The best example is Veronica Mars. The entire movie budget was funded by 91,585 backers who pledged $5,702,153 to help bring this project to life. also showed that people who love a show can donate to make a copy. This is done so well that Paramount is suing because it looks and sounds better than their once. Problem is they don’t have the right to do it. That’s why I am posting this.
  5. So we need to collect the money and then a person we all trust can go to talk to MTV and sign rights transfer documents that would have MTV effectively sell the rights we need to a company that we the fans own.
  6. I can set up the kickstarter page and be the tip of the spear but I would need assurances this is a waste of my time.
  7. So what needs to be done and how much would it cost?  That depends on what we want? Do you want one final 20 minute (thats how long the show is without commercials) show that gives us #karmy? Or do you want a book?
  8. A show requires the sets and clothes, cinematographers etc plus paying Katie and Rita for their time,. This requires scripts to be written and scenes to be show. This would be in the neighborhood of $100,000. (check the axanar link)
  9. A book would require significantly less Like $10,000 to secure the publishing rights to use names and locations. I have no issue doing that myself. However, I would be willing to defer to others would be willing to do so. (thoughts on this later down)
  10. Once the money came in then the shell holding company can post the video on Youtube so everyone can see and prizes can be had.

Ok, thats all I can really explain. I haven’t heard back from Carter on how much an episode actually cost. I believe it was $45,000. I am going to set up the Kickstarter but I dont want to do that until I have an idea where the money goes. That money has to have a bank account to go into and it can’t be my personal one. This would be you alls money and I am not like that. You are all family.

So here is what I need. I need responses. I need you to comment on what you are willing to do. We need people to are skilled in these areas. People who live in LA. I have 860 following me. I have 50 people who read my fan fic.  The truth is I don’t have the resources to do this alone. I can barely get my own stuff done because its so damn expensive.

MTV doesn’t think anything will change. They don’t care because they know money runs everything so we need to step up. Give up that frappucino or that pair of jeans to support the show.

This here is the saddest part. If nothing changes then I will still continue to include Amy and Karma into my stories. However, they won’t be in any story that I publish for profit. I will create a short story that will effectively wrap up what Carter et all were doing. It will live on so you all can read it but thats the best I can offer.

So For this to go live I need you all, are you with me? I need about 100 responses to start the ball rolling. If you have any question ask me. I will answer it.

Thanks. Michael Schade @thunderclap twitter @michael_thunderclap instagram I am the mod at r/fakingit on



11 responses to “Saving Faking it

  1. I live in LA and am happy to help in anyway that I can (meetings, etc). While an episode would be great, I think we should shoot for a 90 minute film. I don’t think 20 minutes would be enough time to wrap up the story. A film could set up a new story (maybe in the future like Carter suggested?) and resolve it all with plenty of time.

    • I’ve been talking to a person who worked with IP before and they suggest either work with Trevor project to get the funding or got Veronica Mars style (like I suggested)
      Either way. we need the cost of an episode and how much they believe the rights are worth. Basically we need the rights to make an movie and let them distribute it. I am still think ball park of $100,000 to 250,000. So can you float the idea with GLAAD and the Trevor Project?

    • do you know anyone who knows Intellectual property law. Anyone who knows cinematography or lives in LA who can help answer one of three question. A: how much does it cost to do 20 minutes of video. b: how much is faking it worth to MTV/Viacom (we need the rights to reproduce the show ie a movie or a episode c: or can you be a treasurer for the kickstarter?
      I need someone who can be kickstarter treasurer.
      Also if you can reach out the Glaad and the trevor project this works as well. Thanks.

  2. I believe in this. If we can get enough people to do this it is possible. Shows have been cancelled and brought back before. A proper ending is needed. Sadly I don’t live in LA (actually all the way in FL) but I’ll definitely contribute to this cause. MTV is wrong about this.

  3. While a TV movie or another few episodes would be amazing, I would be just as happy with a book. I’d like to help in anyway possible, I will keep checking for updates.

  4. Ill do whatever i can to help! Id love a movie,season 4, or atleast 1 hr episode. Book isnt good enough. We have fanfic for that.

  5. Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for the fanfic’s you’ve written, and secondly that I love the idea of Faking It being revived by a Kickstarter for and by the fans.

    I would love to support this in any way I can.

    My personal preference for the revival would be a recurring series but perhaps a 90 minute movie written by Carter et al and staring Katie and Rita and the rest of the cast where possible would be more realistic.

    I think the dedicated fandom would be eternally grateful for the chance to explore this world more and spend more time with the characters we love and bring the story to a more satisfying conclusion.

    The story feels incomplete to me, and while I appreciate that my (and many fans!) appetite for Faking It may never fully be sated, there is so much scope left with this concept.

    Does Lauren learn to embrace all that she is? Do Noah’s family finally accept him or does he find happiness and peace with a family of his own creation? Does Karma finally realise that not everyone has to like you all the time and that acceptance and happiness comes from within? And perhaps most importantly, does Amy own any more food based clothing?!

    The tricky thing of course is the money…. but I do believe the Kickstarter where people pledge their money but it’s only collected once the goal is reached is the way to go.

    Research should perhaps be done in to how much it would cost to make a movie or series like this. If Veronica Mars’s fan can do it so can we! Like you say, I’m sure there’s many people who would for-go a small treat that costs less than the cost of seeing a movie at the theatre for the chance to be part of making a movie!

    This being said there is still the sticking point of whether or not another network or Hulu or Netflix or Amazon Prime may yet pick this up…. The show was only cancelled 22 days ago and negotiations take time and yet I also feel we must strike while the iron is hot and while passion and enthusiasm for the show is strong.

    For this project to become a success I really feel this would need to be a 100% ‘Karmy’ focused story.

    The love story between these characters, whether you interpret that love as romantic or as an intense, un-breakable friendship, I believe has the potential to join the echelons of great love stories in the vein of Titanic, The Notebook and The Fault In Our Stars.

    Much stock is placed by society on great sweeping love stories, love conquering all and fairytale happy endings, and yet these are exactly the kind of stories and endings missing from many movies and TV shows that are geared towards or supposed to represent the LGBTQ+ community.

    Heterosexuals have Prince Charming and Snow White and Cinderella as examples of ‘true love’ and relationships to aspire to; who do the LGBTQ+ community have?

    In my mind Karmy can be a shining beacon for this community, my community.

    Best friends can and do fall in love. LGBTQ+ individuals and couples can and do get their happy ending. People are generally good and decent and do, on occasion, come together and do the right thing.

    It’s time films and TV reflected this a bit more and I think Faking It is just the show
    (and hopefully future film or continuing series) to show the world how it’s done.

    Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss this further and if there’s anything I can do to assist please let me know.

    Yours in anticipation

    • While the efforts are ongoing there has been no significant movement. Sadly, While Netflix seems interested, they are also unwilling to buy the rights to rebroadcast at this time.
      MTV and Viacom is now a lost cause and they also axed Sweet/vicious which dealt with survivors of rape and vigilantism.

      Even staring the show independently is difficult as Katie’s show got a pick up. Rita has vanished back into obscurity and the others have moved on.

      Finally, as for me incorporating them into my novel universe, I have discovered that the price is well above what I can pay at this time as well. This is disappointing. Also the dual character aspect of Amy/Lorelei was not something I could easily explain. (in fact I couldn’t come up with a rational reason that explains the time difference while maintaining the integrity of my plan which is to ressurect Lorelei in 2017 to lead the mer to retake their home island and began to control the surface again.

      So I think that it is gone.

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