Lafayette is a place to call home

Ok, this is quick. here below is the new map. Be aware that I deleted the old ones so those posts it will be broken.

FHHS Lafayette song of the assembly

To the far right is Downtown Lafayette. LSU-Lafayette is west of that in the green space. Forest Hills is on the left side. The scale is accurate. The road north of the Field is actually two roads that separate not one massive one.

Also, I give you the Antarctic gate exit. In Song of Restoration, the arrival point of the gate is an enclosed space. In the story there is no seeming exit to Antarctica itself. Thats because they are actually underground. So this map is where the underground area leads to the surface. Its not fake.

antarctica gate exit to sea

Finally, since 2010, the Milkhouse is now the HP pavilion and its called Espn Wide world of sports, I included a 2008 map of the place with the former correct names.

Layout 1

There you go!

.Karma mic drop


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