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Ok before I get into this, much sorrow about the terrorist attack in Baghdad. Alot of people in the US doesn’t know or care. I do and its truly heartbreaking that people are being murdered over ideology. Strong suggestion: go watch NCIS:LA seventh child. Last 20 minutes are the most poignent.

So its time to do the big infodump I have been promising. You already know about the Faking It shared space and the the removal of certain artists from the pantheon. The biggest thing is: a new story out set in current time. Plus supporting documentation.

Remember when I said I didn’t have the time to write a christmas story last year. Well, shortly there after, Trans-siberian orchestra’s Ghost of Christmas Eve came on. I enjoy it so much as it reminds me of good times. So I used it as a basis for a story. First, the Idea was that the girl was a lost high house member. Then I decided to place the theater next to the hotel in ‘View from the street’. That lead to placing it on December 20th 2015.

Funny thing is, it doesn’t snow in LA. The movie has heavy snow. So LA got a freak snow storm. Finally, I added Tom and Aria. Yet to keep it with the theme of ‘View from the street’ as well as the rule that any story without song in the title has no sirens in it, I did something unique. I showed how Tom grew in the intervening 7 yrs.

The story is out now on Its called Christmas Circle. That link back there will link you to a preview of the entire book. Read, enjoy, toss me some dollars if you want a print copy (they want $5; the price of a Starbucks Frappacino)

As for what is going on with the novel. I am in final stages for ‘Song of Betrayal’. Since splitting the novel in half (as it would have gotton to well over 100k if not) I am aproaching the end of the major edit. It will be in final draft. My reader ( a fellow trusty co worker) is poking at it too. I am hopely looking at it being finally out in the summer (you know how horrible I am on this so its just a promise).

The Other half of the novel is called Song of Restoration. It will deal in the aftermath of Aria’s theft, how Gwen saves Christiana’s career and how she ends up becoming princess. Throw in a ‘Let it go’ style event On Booker Field and you should have an epic finish.

That brings me to Faking it and its tie in to the Song of the assembly. I personally rarely announce that I am linking with a live show simply because its a mine field. This is different.

  1. The show is really good. Its topical. It deals with serious teen issues with a teen vibe better than glee did. It takes itself serious yet not so serious to forget itself.
  2. Its cohesive. My largest complaint about glee was that. It never remembered what it established. Faking it does and uses it alot to support itself. If the character is poor, she looks poor. If not then not.
  3. Its delightful and it makes you think without being overbearing. Its what I want my stories to be like.
  4. Finally, its set in Austin and that is doable. You won’t see them as active characters in for profit items.

Of course that doesn’t mean you won’t see them interacting with my characters at all. You will. Matter of fact, Liam’s last name is Booker. Hmm sounds like the name of a certain field. And Liam is rich. Hmm again.

Also, Tom will leave for a month while mourning the passing of Lorelei and arrive in Austin to hang with Zen who he chatted online with. (he was computer buds with Lorelei and Tom). There he will meet Karma and Amy while in their ‘unicorn’ phase ie, 10 yr olds. Sadly this is what leads to Gwen’s disease and why he feels so protective of her. (it’s guilt). It will be first person story told from his pov (and quite possibilty amy and karma’s too) no promises on when its coming.

Finally, I didn’t upload the Michael Cote stuff, but its in Christmas circle so its canon now. Next update.

The supporting documents are:

Kayne west’s auto accident.

53rd annual grammy awards website

I don’t plan on posting these on the wordpress page.

There is also the 52nd annual grammy award wiki that simply reveals the state of the industry in 2009-2010.  It’s on scribd too.

Until we chat again. Enjoy.


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