Brief update

Ok, sorry for the delay. The move took time and that delayed other things, like this.
However, I am still creating. I have a new story set now that involves everyone. Its an update of ‘View of the street’ and its Christmas themed.

Also, I made some more Wikipedia entries. These involve the Grammys. Specifically the 52md on up to now. Song of Betrayal and Song of Reformation (yes I finally named the last half)are set in May 2009 to September 2009. However, Gwen’s first song doesn’t drop until November. That puts her into the 2011 Grammy award period. Nevertheless, I digress.

I hope these Grammy Wikipedia pages (and actual Grammy pages) serve as info tidbits while I finish the story.

Finally, I want to establish a list of all the artists who have been removed from the Assembly reality so there is no confusion when the material is read. This will help me edit and you understand.

  1. Katy Perry. As I have said before, her original contract with Pamplin stands as Pamplin was saved from default in 2000. Therefore no pop music from her in 2008, as she would be actively making christian music.
  2. Justin Beiber. Codified in the new story what I always wanted. I used the Michael Cote is a pedo and masquerading as Justin Beiber. In fact him and Aria are friends and he writes music for her. If you say the most recent Grammys, then you saw him win for the first time (technically it was in the preshow but there you go). That would be Aria here.
  3. Kanye West. He’s been an embarrassment for a while to Taylor Swift and others. However, he wasn’t a problem until the business of dissing her in his new album. So while looking for a way to remove him cleanly, I was handed the most interesting trivia. On Oct. 22nd 2002, he was in a near fatal car accident.I decided that it should have been fatal so in Assembly reality it was. So rather that the 21 Grammys he got a simple 5 second picture flash during the ‘in Memoriam’ of the 45th annual Grammy Awards as a record producer.

There are others that I haven’t finalized, So I will share those when I make the definite list. Its small, for my sake. Every change makes things harder.

Finished chapter 7 so I am now into water scenes again. Close to finishing the first half (ie song of Betrayal) and will have it up and available by midyear.
That’s all for now.


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