Jem was truly outrageous once but not today…part 2

  Ok so we established in the previous post, that a horror production company and a agent/record label exec hired a well known action director who grabbed his buddy the unknown screen writer to do Jem and the holograms and they did it badly. Sad thing is even the poster lies. The studio that brought you pitch perfect is Universal. Thats the ONLY thing the two movies have in common.

Moving back to 1985, you have Jerrica in her gap year. You have Starlight Music. Here is the interesting thing. Starlight music was founded in 1965 by Emmett Benton as an independent label. This is the age of the Beatles, rolling stones, righteous brothers, Four Tops and Beach Boys. Naturally any label would focus on rock or pop. Obviously they had to land a famous group (someone we would call famous now) to survive 20 years untouched in LA. The Byrds would qualify. Lets toss the McCoys. Finally, lets say that since Emmett was a brilliant visionary engineer but wasn’t that good of a music guy. However, he was friends with BoB Keane. He was more than happy to help.

Lets also say that in 1979 as starlight music was slowly failing, two things happened. Keane hired Eric Raymond from business school as he had a passion for both music and business. Second, Steve Wozniak approached Benton about his idea for the holographic computer he had commented on during the Apple ii launch two years prior. Together they design it and the full prototype is finished and operational on January 29, 1981.

After Woz’s accident, Emmett is left to teach synergy alone. He finishes one year later. That month February 1982, his wife and Jerrica and Kimber’s mother Jacqui dies of as brain hemorrhage. Jerrica is 17 and is a senior is high school. She ends her garage band dreams with her sister and her friends aja and Shana who are both 15 like she is.

1985 is midway through King Vann Natal reign. His only daughter is fifteen at the time. However, Emmett Cetus is very much aware of Starlight music. He is beginning his quest to absorb all the small players so his future grand niece will be able to have a place to sing. He’s a politico so he can see the future (kinda like minority report’s Agatha)

Of course Emmett has no interest in selling even though he hasn’t had a major band in 10 yrs. He believes Synergy will revolutionize music.  He hints at it to Cetus who is curious. However, Emmetts death prevents the grand reveal and thats where Jem begins.

1985 was the MTV era; Madonna ‘like a Virgin’ Reo Speedwagon, Phil Collins, Foreigner, duran duran, Heuy lewis, Back to the future etc. It was also ‘WE are the world’ this is the year Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits appeared. Misfits competed with Vixen. jem dominated a scene that was just beginning. In fact they would blaze the trail that Kesha, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez and even Gwen Breton would travel. In truth, Jerrica Benton was 1985 taylor Swift.

1988 the feud ends between the Misfits and Jem as Misfits move to stinger sound. Stinger sound was bought at the same time Pamplin was, December 2001 and was folded in.  This was the same year Raymond died of a heart attack as he was 60.

Because of Jem’s fame, numerous awards (American music, People’s choice and MTV VMA and EMA) the group continued to make money into the 90s. Eventually, the industry turned and jem disbanded in 2001 as well.  Jerrica sold the company to Emmett Cetus retaining all rights to her music and Jem’s.

So what does this have to do with the Assembly? Well if Jerrica was 20 in 1985 that makes her 50 today. She runs the foundation her father created with her money and occasionally writes music in LA. Aria’s mother spent a lot of time in starlight house helping out and looking for lost assembly members. Jerrica and her friends have always supported the assembly and continue to do today.

Sorry this is ponderous and long. I didn’t intend on this being a history lesson. Yet, thanks to the fact that the movie is bad, it will fail. When it fails the copyright is still locked so I still can’t use it in fiction. That’s sad because I would love to create an actual story.

Finally I want to say that the music is good and you will see it used in the current stories. It wont be attributed to Jem though it will be attributed to Loren Tate.

As for Song of Betrayal, I am in chapter 6 so things are moving swiftly. Nanorimo is coming and I am involved again. Look for good things!

Thanks for reading


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