Its not Ariel’s world but then again it’s not your world either

pixelI decided that as I continue to edit ‘Song of Betrayal’ I would share a few insights into the world at large that the Assembly exist in.

  1. Its similar to deep impact only without the impact scenario. Basically, the presidents congressmen and news anchors aren’t like ours. This is sadly more because of safely (anyone real can sue if I disparage them) but it allows more freedom. I always loved that movie anyway.
  2. The ocean is 4 times more oxygenated than ours is.  The one reality I can’t get around is that there simply isn’t enough oxygen in the ocean for a mermaid to breath via gills. So i had to alter that. I opted to go with the firmament concept that is in KJV Bible. This solves that problem and actually makes it easier to breathe at sea level.
  3. Certain other movies and shows are apart of the Song of the Assembly reality. I can’t tell you which ones but if you read all the stories you can guess. Some hints are obvious. Others not so much.
  4. Finally for now, Hitler didn’t die. He still shot himself in the head, but managed to live on (Yes, that is actually possible ). However, he suffered brain damage, impairing his memory and causing agonizing pain whenever he tried to access those memories, somewhat similar to the case of Clive Wearing .

The pain subsided, the confusion abated. I could see. I tried to move. I could do so but only in small steps as rusted cuffs tied my wrists together. The bore a symbol that flashed in my mind and excruciating wave of throbbing followed.
I was clean shaved There was something over my right eye, and the right side of my head was very warm. All I could do was look forward at a white wall. Cloth as I brushed the right side. No hair, just soft cloth.

I tried to remember where I was, what I was doing. Then, I tried to remember my own name.

The side of my head burned. I screamed curses in German before they faded to moans.

Six armed men stormed into the room, weapons raised. A doctor came and looked me in the eyes. The pain abated. The doctor put a light directly in front of my eyes. He smiled and nodded.

I was ordered to rise, and pushed forward. When I stopped to catch my breath, I was dragged out of the grey room.

All I could see were the armed men in front of me, and the wooden ceiling. I could still hear yelling. Such noise, I hadn’t heard it since…





Pistol click.

My head was on fire. I screamed, screamed for mercy, screamed for release, screamed for death. Screamed for anything to make the pain stop. I was punched and it all went black.

Something poked my arm.

The side of my head grew numb. As things cleared, I was facing two tables, one raised behind the other, with a dozen men glaring down at me. One of them spoke, reading off from a long list. It was spoken in English, I could barely understand a word. Someone to my right was repeating what was said in German, Something about Belsen, death, Jews, and an American bunker raid. They kept repeating a name, a name that sounded familiar but I couldn’t quite place.

They stopped talking and turned to me. The person infront of me said something, the German repeated it as clearly as he could, “Adolf Hitler, how do you plead?”

The memories returned. I knew who I was. Then, the fire in my head returned, and all I knew was scorching agony.

I said as clear I could. “I do not deny it. I, for my part, acknowledge another precept which says that man must deal the final blow to those whose downfall is destined by God. If this is my fate so be it.”

Silence reigned until the judge spoke. The man on my repeated it in German and I nodded. Let the pain be my cross to bear. I was walked out of the room and the pain dimmed until I saw what was left of the Fatherland. Again, scorching agony consumed me.

Hitler would live past the October 1, 1946 execution date of his comrades because of his hospital incarceration. In fact he lived until Sept 17, 1949 when he died alone of a cerebral hemorrhage. The Assembly claims that a effegy of Hitler was hung in his place but the Piscine in Taiji have his remains in their mausoleum

As for ‘Song of Betrayal’ itself, I am inside of the chapters that I wrote as fanfic. I have solved most of the problems that cropped up from the removal of Jen, having replaced her in the early scenes with Reagan. Still shooting for 70 k words.


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