Reagan and Malcolm ‘Before the coronation’

I know I promised some though but life always seems to happen right after I promise things, so here is a short. (the Taft High News blurb is coming)

As Malcolm came too, he saw the familiar figure of his friend over him. He saw sweat glimmer on Reagan’s face in the dim light of the closet. He blinked slowly to chase away the blurry vision and he slowly sat up. His head was throbbing and he tasted the metallic ting of blood in his mouth. He groaned and closed his eyes again, the world spinning.

“What happened…?” He asked in a weak and wavering voice. She sat on her knees and bit her bottom lip, tears dripping down her cheeks slowly.

“Jordan was. . .” she gulped, eyes wide. “I-I don’t even know what happened! The room went dark and then there was something with us,” She took a shaky breath and her hands curled into fists. She wiped away a tear and tried to compose herself.

“There was this THING that oozed in through the walls. Small with sharp teeth and claws. It was like looking at a shadow, every time you moved the thing distorted and seemed to change shape. The only light was their eyes, they were glowing but there was no light…” She swallowed past a lump in her throat and her hands seemed to be trembling now.

“Everybody ran out, but I saw what happened. The thing climbed on top of her and just bit down. She screamed, and I felt something on my face. Like walking in mist at night. I didn’t know what it was, but the sound . . . It sounded like blowing bubbles in milk through a straw. Gurgling! It was like gurgling. I think it was her. It sounded like she was drowning . .”

“So where is she now?” He asked, leaning in to comfort her.

“Gone. After the horrible sound, it just melted away into the night. Do you think Dagon has such…” she gasped, covering her mouth in horror as she saw all the blood splattered on the ground.

“We have to leave.” He turned his face to her kneeling as she stared downward. “Reagan, we can tell Princess Gwen when we see her.”

“When we see her she will be minutes from being ‘Queen Gwendolyn of the house Istan.’ I can’t interrupt it for that, even if its from Dagon.” She wiped the tears from her eyes as she turned the knob, opening the doorway to the Regal Colonnade. Malcolm glanced around the empty bedroom one last time, grim and shaking his head.


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