Mirrors of life reflected back

As we all know there was a shooting in Lafayette last night done by John Russell “Rusty” Houser who methodically shot 11 people in a Lafayette, Louisiana, movie theater on Thursday night using a handgun he legally purchased from an Alabama pawn shop.
Normally, I don’t use this blog as a commentary on the news unless it relates to my novel so this, considering where and when sadly fits.
While I am deeply saddened by the events and am reminded that certain people should never have access to firearms, I find myself in the unusual position of being able to use this tragedy to help define my world.
So there will be various news reports about the Taft High school Massacre using the source material provided.
Don’t know what the Taft High school Massacre is or when?
Its one of 2 fictional events that is the underpinning of the Song of the assembly series. More about it specifically is in the Gwen Breton Wikipedia entry.
Gwen and Aria would both be horrified and angry. Each would invest money into the situation. However, this event would have happened really close to Gwen’s coronation day. This is Gwen’s 25th year and a princess is made queen at age 25.
You see where I am going? So Mr Houser will be folded into the history of my story universe as another Warrior of Dagon.
While the media will chew on this for a while, this is the only post I will make regarding the reality of the situation.
As for the Novel, nothing new. I am a quarter way through. Reagan who you met in Homecoming song is now a full character and her story will connect from the novel to there.

So until the morrow, may your waters be warm and full of life.


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