Meanderings in darkness then sudden light

Pixel ShimWell, I have to honest, I love my mermaids and the assembly as a whole. I guess that stems from the failure of my last project and its over broad ideas. This is simplistic and easy in comparison. So that means I am working still on Song of Betrayal.
Pixel ShimI have just entered the main novel itself and so have kept to my plan of cutting away large chunks that aren’t needed. A good example is the old fourth chapter contains story point involving Jen and Tyrion, Tyrion and the king and Jen and Tom. It also introduced the gate and the fact it is on islands.

Pixel ShimSince Jen is being removed, those scenes are gone. I have a solution for everything Jen did so I have no plot holes now. My goal is the end of this year. However, I will post a preliminary draft the week of Rosh Hashanah, ie September 13th. Things are afoot and I want to make sure you see all the work if something should happen to impact my ability to finish the editing on time.

Pixel Shim That brings me the actual purpose of this blog post. I saw the sad, evilness that was Dylan roof. His crazy murderous spree that denied 9 people their lives made me mourn those people I never met. However the can always be light brought to even the darkest places and good can always be gained even from the darkest evil. (although usually that good is overshadowed by the evil deeds themselves).

In that vein, I took Dylan Roof’s manifesto of black hatred and turned it into a manifesto of Mermaid hatred.

Pixel Shim The Piscine have always hated the assembly because of their abilities and skills. However, the discovery in the 9th century that assembly members could walk as normal humans struck a chord, and then the true fight began. It and other stories are a way to keep this fresh and functional while I get the largest chunk of the story finished.
Here is the Scribd page. I posted it here too but its hard to read.

Pixel ShimThat brings us to Big brother. Its coming on soon so shout out to those who choose to come here to read my stuff. Thanks.

And finally there is a small joy about using various characters in the public domain in my stories. This link here illuminates the life of Susan Pevensie, who you all might know.. At the time of my stories, she would be in her late 70s so I have introduced her as a brief aside minor character in the fan fic I did for glee. If that transfers over (meaning I didn’t catch it) she’ll be a part of my world too.

Pixel ShimBest hope, I get everything I am working on out. Goal: finish final edit Song of Betrayal before Sept. 13.
Nevertheless, you will get to read everything I have written.
Thanks again.


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