Live the Journey

There is a quote that fits tonights series finale of Glee prefectly

Sorceress: Julie, keep this with you, and Eternia will always be near.

[gives Julie a glowing blue crystal]

Julie Winston: Thank you. He-Man, Teela, Man-At-Arms…

Teela: Don’t say goodbye. Say Good Journey.

Duncan: It is an old Eternian saying. Live the journey, for every destination is but a doorway to another.

Julie Winston: Good Journey.

So Glee is forever a good journey. It is one that simply ended in sadness. I for one will always wish that Finchel could have the wedding they were promised.  However, since this blog is about my universe and not ryan Murphy’s, let me reveal why I chose to post about glee here.

If it wasn’t for the multitudinous plot holes in the first 12 episodes, this wouldn’t exist. See, I wrote a novel already. Its called ‘Summon the Heroes’. Its epic fantasy dealing with an immortal genetic engineer to who clones his first daughter to save her from death because she’s the princess. Everything is final until the night she and his second daughter get into a fight and she get sucked into a temporal portal. That portal opens a thousand years later.

The father had his daughter cast on a prison world that prevented death by any means other that violence. (you could be killed by physical weapons only. No poisons or old age).

When the 1000 yrs past, he couldn’t find her, and when he did, she was lowly student, not the princess she had been. The story moves across 642 pages of 6 x 9 and uses 120,000 words to show how she goes from being that student to becoming princess and fulfilling a prophecy revealed.

Its a nice story, a bit too ponderous. Published in 2005, it has sold 12 copies as of 2015. Its on amazon, etc. You can request it. Just no one did. So I gave up and when into Second life where I made digital food and drink.

Then glee appeared in april 2009. I enjoyed it. I joined a forum and everyone was reviewing it. Its then I realized the plot holes. I figured I could fill them by explaining the background. So i did. That story is called ‘Rain’. Its based around episode three and its on Scribd.

If you read my wikipedia entries you have access to my scribd. Its a novel sized fanfic that got over 700 views with the same marketing that Summon the heroes got.

That made me believe I could write a teen story about a underdog girl and her guy friend and the singer who could make it big and her guy friend. Only, My protagonist; my underdog was the blond.

Quinn Fabray became Gwen Breton. Still posted on is the unfinished draft of a story: ‘Born in pain’. It reveals how Quinn would see her alternate self who didn’t get pregnant and discover that her life wasn’t that bad. I fell in love with Dianna Agron’s portrayal of Quinn because she gave her a heart and a soul. As I kept writing I realized it would be easier and more profitable if I transitioned Quinn into Gwen.

The very first draft of ‘Song of Betrayal’ was called ‘Run to you’. Below I embeded the first chapter. Its not polished or edited beyond what I did when I believed it was the direction I was going.

This is the origin of Jen Parks. In the current draft of SOB she is Dr. Volkov’s friend who knows the Assembly and brokers a deal to get Gwen to be accepted by her uncle, Tyron. She served to develop Tyron into an antagonist.
I pulled her because I decided that Tyron was one on his own. This is also the origin of the school shooting. I went from killing High school cheerleading Coach Sylvester in 2008 to what was reveal in the Wikipedia entry, a columbine style event that had a football coach who was a ‘warrior of dagon’ killing Coach Sylvan because she’s an assembly member. Its not true, as the story will reveal. However, that was the start of Taft high. It was McKinley dead and abandoned for years.
What you didn’t see was Sarah’s performance of ‘jar of Hearts’. That’s the origin of that. Or the fact that the Balor twins, Coach Grace, the CheerHouse, Booker Field and Forest Hills, all which made their debut in ‘Rain’ are continued on here. So is Coach Grace’s husband who you meet briefly in Homecoming Song.
Glee drove me to dig into Cheerleading to resolve how Coach Sylvester won her championship. And I discovered all star cheerleading wasn’t like ‘bring it on’. It was so much more.
That lead to the wolverettes becoming Wolverine Gold. That lead to me discovering Twist and Shout in Edmond and CA in Plano, and Jamie Andries and Payton Mabry and Reaagn West and so many other girls who are popular yet as talented as Mackayla Maroney. While she didn;t get school, they did.
Glee made my story universe richer because its insanity and poor writing and plot holes made me think. It make be ask, ‘How can I be better?”
It made me ask ‘Can I do this without a hook?’ Or how can Sarah sing if I can’t show the lyrics?’
In the end, it pushed me to keep going, to never give up. It taught me that angst for angst sake is unneeded but angst is excellent.
That Breadsticks as a restaurant is a bad idea in Lima but not elsewhere.
It built my audience and taught me alot about them. It showed how I failed in that first novel. It changed my life for the better.
By definition, glee is opening yourself up to joy. For three season it was joy. Then Cory died. Glee became the walking dead, missing its heat and soul. Dianna left (to which I am forever grateful. I got ‘Quick’ Quinn and Puck are together) and Lea because of her heart wrenching loss got to keep the show. Yet the show died with him.
Before Cory’s death, I had a hugh cache of Glee related materials. Stuff on Lima, Ohio. Flight plans, shoot schedules and the sets and the schools it was shot in. A huge cache of images from the show including the never seen front of the show from a scene that was left on the cutting room floor. Image074the front of WHMS

(Ryan is a bastard that way. There are numerous scenes that were left behind that I had info of that allowed me to make ‘Rain’) i still have the super bowl commercial (both) and all three seasons. I do admit that when I changed computers I lost the 3rd season. But I have both dvds and the downloaded broadcast copies of season one.
Cory passing stopped all that. No one wanted to buy Lea’s beautiful album or book which she worked so hard for and we all begged her to make. (the songs are beautiful including Cannonball)
The saddest thing is the only ones to gain anything from this walking death of seasons 4, 5 and 6 (6 is realty the back half of 5) are Dianna and Chris Colfer.
But I digress. I discovered a new way that I wouldn’t have seen. I discovered new artists who I wouldn’t have listened to or believed in. And I found a new path to try again.
So to Glee its not good bye, its good journey. This destination has arrived and it leads for me and hopefully for you to another, better one.
Finally, I said one the forum that after the sad ending of the season 3 finale that I would wait till the marriage and edit that in. It would be the end of glee for me. I never got that footage but it still remains the real end. Glee is like a high school. You graduate and move one. IN ten years you look back and remember the good and marvel at the bad. This is my wish.
Final aside: Read this. Its the truth too.


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