Promises and problems

Its seems that I always have good ideas and then something comes up. Life issues like illness, job, or family devour the time so the idea sets on the shelf. I promised a while ago that I would continue to post. I promised Wikipedia entries so you could at least some idea about the characters and background. Then everything fell silent again.

Truth is, this makes no money so its hobby until it does. I love it. I love that people still come and wander through. I believe I have achieved success every time someone comes in, who I haven’t personally convinced to come. Still, the time does get away. So I apologize for that and the insanity of the last couple of posts.

  1. Song Of Betrayal is being reedited again. I am, as I said, removing Jen Parks character and adjusting things around that. It will take a while. I would love to say its done. Its not. The draft with her is. Its ok. I would like it to be better.
  2. The stories posted are in the final forms expect ‘Homecoming song’. A fellow co-worker at my job is publishing a novel himself and elected to help get it to a level he thinks will sell. I agreed so its currently no available for sale. It will remain on the list for now. There are no promises in life and I don’t want to completely pull something and then it gets lost. I had that happen with an early work, I won’t let it happen again
  3. The Wikipedia entries are here. The biggest will be posted on this page. The rest will be on a different post. They are Gwen’s Wikipedia page, Pamphin media, Okah records and the HQ building for Siren Song Recording: the Coral Tower. Gwen’s will be on this page.

The interesting thing when world-building is you learn about people and places. i discovered more than I ever wanted to know about Katy Perry, who in the novel reality is a christian artist and never saw the success she does here. It was her page I used to build Gwen’s and her songs used to fill Gwen’s catalog. But I digress.

I will fulfill all the promises I made because I love this world I built. Mind you, I probably won’t make the money I though I would, still I don’t care. I know people are reading it.  And thats enough for me.

The fictional entry for Gwen Breton is below this. Yes, that is Jamie Andries as Gwen. And she is as beautiful on the inside as I believe Gwen is. My one hope is her career is as successful as Gwen’s is.

Gwen Breton Fictional Wikipedia entry

Finally, I am also working on second life and Google 3d warehouse food items. Those items won’t be here but on my twitter feed and google+ so follow that if you are interested.


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