Ok, here is the deal. I can’t seem to get anyone to buy stories. Really. Agents reject it and the people aren’t there to make it a primary support thing. So I figured I would give up. Then I decided to try blurb and just publish the stories for myself. So that is what this post is about.
I am basically you all that I am not marketing my works. I formally don’t care if anyone buys anything.
I know people do read it. People read all my glee fan fiction. Hell, My glee fanfic ‘rain’ was read By Cory Monteith and he passed on to the writers who used it to insert Brad in a an episode of season 2 where he met Rachel’s mom (in my story they know each other) and they made Brittany smart (because I said dumb Brittany was an act and showed that the phrases she said were secretly brilliant.)
So where does this leave you the readers and this blog? Back where I was when I started the blog. I WILL POST NEW MATERIAL. Not just Wikipedia entries but new stories. This will be the primary repository for them. When I am actually finished with ‘Song of Betrayal’ (i have to finish removing Jen because I can’t have her in if I added Pyrrhic Victory song. I assure you it gets better)


  • More stories coming like I actually promised
  • volume #2 Ie ‘Song of Betrayal’ coming (you get to see Gwen become princess)
  • the wikipedia entries
  • don’t care about sales, marketing and other things that would normally slow or stop things, (like crossing worlds etc)

Now that is cleared up, I know you just watched Katy Perri’s halftime super bowl show. However in the Song reality Katy Perri is a christian artist so what gives? Well, you just witnessed the seed of my next story. I am jumping to now (from 2009-2010) and in the song reality its Gwen whose in Katy’s place. So there you go. A super bowl half time story that should be ready by this time next year.

Enjoy the rest of the game. (Seahawks will win)


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