Waves breaking on future’s rocks

Well, as promised I am going to explain a few things. First off, for those who subscribed, I use Twitter trending topics to reach a wider audience. It didn’t work well last night, so sorry. The busiest one also happened to be the most fractious so I was left with what you saw.

On to the news, due to the holidays I have delayed the editing of ‘Song of Betrayal’ for the moment. I’m in chapter three currently. A brief synopsis:

  1. A character I added named Jen who is a part of a previous work ‘Summon the Heroes’ is being removed. She weighs down the plot and distracts from the primary and secondary storylines.
  2. Those storylines are: golden ticket and All star cheer/high school drama
  3. Since Jen is in 3 chapters (original 1, 4 and 12) those will be rewritten. Original 1 is the easiest as I have to replace a scene and its already been addressed in ‘Homecoming Song’. 4 and 12 will be completely rewritten. Aria’s friends in 12 as well as the original story there will be posted as a short story because its actually important. It just weights down the plot. Jen’s part is small and can be removed without damaging it.
  4. Because of the Sony Hack and the Dr Luke lawsuit,  who Emmet Cetus in the Music industry changed as did his power. Instead of being an equal with the person Aria meets with from Interscope/Geffen, he’s more representative of who the Assembly is and how they seeming control the world behind the scenes.
  5. How this happened will be addressed in 4. Also, why the Cetus girls have Titanic stuff will also be addressed.

That’s pretty much all on that. Which brings me to Sony, and Emmett Cetus. When I heard of the Sony hack I was amused, pleased and saddened. The basic day to day employees didn’t deserve what happened to them. However, the people of power including the CEO of SPE and Sony Entertainment do. They have engaged in a form of greedy abuse for a long time. (The reason I feel this way is outside the scope of this blog, sorry)

Do I believe North Korea did it? No. They aren’t capable of pulling off what happened. However, people who work in IT there, who hate their executives and wanted vengeance could. This is an Office space style event. designed to cripple the company and hopefully cause people to go to jail. It didn’t work out that way but it taught me somethings, It showed a gaping whole in my belief in the music industry, just as Jamie Andries and Cheer Athletics (as well as Twist and Shout and Woodlands Elite etc) did for what cheerleading is now. (and why some schools have Pom, Dance and Cheer [otherwise known as Sideline])

She caused the previous edit which lead to the gym that you saw in ‘Midnight Train song’ and ‘Homecoming Song’ I owe her for that. Its why Gwen looks alot like her.

Anyway, Sony (SPE) owned a building at 550 Madison in NYC until they sold it in 2013. I had always pictured Siren Song Music in NYC with him running it, however I saw it small. The building being sold made me ask why couldn’t he own it.

So I did some editing and, poof he does. Well that leans to creating the history of Siren Song Recording being created and now Siren Song is the largest of the major music labels. Over the course of the last 103 yrs, SSR swallowed or bought, ABR Brunswick, Columbia, CBS, EMI. Okeh and numerous tiny labels.

I originally didn’t want to radically alter the time line by doing something like this but the more research I did, the more I discovered I needed too.

Thats why I am posting the Song of the Assembly wikipedia entries on EMI, Okeh, & CBS music. So me and you can understand how much different the landscape is there. The surface is similar but the depths are completely different. A list of all the real world artists who are recording under SSR I will post too.

However, this change won’t effect the ‘Song of Betrayal’ as EMI is still independent in 2009-10. However the short stories that are based in NYC (there will be some) will reveal this change. ‘Song of Christmas’ is set in Christmas Eve of 2009 so that year is done already.

Finally, I am on to two other topics. One, Ascension, I will table for another time. My suggestion is watch it, if you like the idea. If you watched the first part and hated the twist, watch the rest and skip the on the ground parts. You will be rewarded.

Two, Jane By design, I loved that show, Sadly I don’t have time to discuss it either. Good show, died ignominiously. Like the Hollywood Heights mentions you see occasionally, you will see those too.  The post that contains Ascension discussion and why I am talking about it on a mermaid blog will include Jane as well.

Taiji is currently on hold but isn’t forgotten.

So thanks again for reading. Thanks for following. And hopefully thanks for buying soon,


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