Felicem Navitatem! (Digitour 2015)

Or Merry Christmas, since none of us speak Latin.  If you clicked though from Twitter,hHere is the link. https://www.tixr.com/groups/digitour. It will spawn a new tab. And while you are here, Perhaps read up on my Brief update to let you all know that I posted this year’s Christmas story, ‘The song of Christmas’. Simply, I told the novel reality’s nativity story and explained a couple of things about Gwen, Tom and the Assembly in general. Tomorrow I will explain things deeper, give updates on ‘Song of Betrayal’ thoughts on Ascension, the cw show ‘Jane By design’ the Sony hack and how it affect the novel reality for the better (even if that world’s Sony was worse for it).

So with that note, I will sign off with this. I will also post Wikipedia entries from the Novel reality. It will be on a separate page as I am uploading them to Scribd. I don’t want all you in my Dropbox, sorry.

So Badikn Aquilov Yeshua! That’s Merry Christmas in Assembly.


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