Intentions: a short to break the tension

Ok, there is alot of hate going on right now. So to break that tide, I decided to post this short story. It won’t be permanently posted as its a quick blast.

Briar, suddenly taken aback from his rather quick approach, was at a loss of words. It was true, though, she had been thinking about those “implications,” as the merman put it. Was she that obvious? Then again he had been alive for a while, so he probably knew when a female was interested in him, especially a surface woman standing in soft golden sand. Her bikini still dripped from the swim earlier. The swim that stumbled over him ‘transfiguring’ back to bipedal.

She stared into those of azure eyes again, but this time she didn’t get lost in them. She felt confident, even in spite of the epic staring contest they were both participating in. Still staring into his eyes she said, “To be honest with you, those thoughts had crossed my mind but I didn’t think that you’d be sharing them with me!” She brought her face closer to his, resting her murex nailed hand on his twisted conch shell, “I can see that you’re just as interested in those implications as I am. I can smell your scent changing, but it’s not like anything I’ve smelled before.” She smiled at him, waiting for his response.​

“You smelled my kind?” He teased, knowing full well she never met anyone like himself before. Random chance, he mused.

“Yes, I have.” Her bright smile matched the fluttering heart beneath her overstretched coral bikini top. “We could…you know,” flush flooded her skin the ruddy tone highlighting her buxomness.

He simply nodded, embraced her a passionate but brief kiss leaving her both speech and breathless. “I unfortunately have duties. I am also bonded to by beloved of the House Pontus. She wouldn’t like your implications.” A soft frown creased his lips. “Nevertheless, You are welcome to become one of us. It doesn’t require being a moon pool during a full moon. All it requires is a desire to be more than you are an a kiss. Love done right changes everything.”

Locking eyes with him again, she drew strength and hope. “Leave all this behind and become a mermaid?”
Soft laughter fell like a waterfall. “A member of the Assembly, yes. Do you wish this?”

“Fair Dinkum? Yeah!” Breaking the gaze, she sighed, shuffling her feet amongst the sand.

More laughter as he stroked her shoulders, a warm golden glow emanating from them. “There. You have begun the journey. I will see you were we meet in a moon rise. Then your journey will truly begin, Thalassa.”
Her chocolatey brows furrowed, “Why that?”

“Because a Bunny boiler with sharp thorns fits your description.” He snorted, padding off across the sand, blowing the conch loudly. People around ignored the sound, ignored him and especially ignored the satchel he bore. Briar didn’t. She simply said to herself, “No worries. I’ve got this.”

Ok on to a quick update:

  1. Added an extension to the stage scene with Callie. Gwen sings the Ever after high theme song, creating presistant hard light keys. Those keys will play a role in the novel solving a problem created by removing Jenn.
  2. Taiji, the new story, is a short story about a royal house member trapped in a warehouse in Taiji. You get to see how Taiji has managed to keep up the cold war with the Assembly for centuries.
  3. the novel will now have hyperlinks to everyone song sung so if you get an ebook you can click and hear the music while reading. This solves my rights issue as well as the one where I have to describe the action of the video solving the plot and scene down. If the video is relevant to the scene (and not just the song) then yes you will still get it described. I am at 4 right now and I have 28000 words.

So no worries, I will post again when I have more to say. Happy Thanksgiving and be safe this season especially if you live in or around Ferguson.


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