Bullying and its effects

In today’s news, there was a school shooting. According to CNN and its news sources, they interviewed Jordan Luton, a student at Washington state’s Marysville-Pilchuck High School who attested he saw freshman Jaylen Fryberg go up to a table with students and shoot them at point blank range. Luton told CNN. “They were his friends, so it wasn’t just random.”  This is a hard thing to deal with, so why am I posting it here?

It goes to the heart of ‘Song of Betrayal’. If you read either Pyrrhic Victory Song or Homecoming Song you will pass through a scene dealing with the death of Lorelei Breton, Gwen’s sister. This happened during a school shooting. I didn’t use that in a cavalier way. I’m using it to focus on a serious problem; teen bullying and bullying in general.

While the story reveals that it was the football coach who snapped and when on the murder spree, he did it for roughly the same reason that columbine happened and most likely why Fryberg snapped. He couldn’t handle it anymore. The pressure broke him. Why is that? My story gives its answer different than here in reality but the message is the same. It wouldn’t happen if he had someone he could talk to, to vent with. A trusted person to share everything.

Luton says Fryberg shot his friends. Its doubtful we will ever know why they were worthy of death suddenly from being his support. Maybe they failed him. Maybe they practical jokes weren’t funny to him. Maybe they defended his girlfriend who according to other sources which claim she broke up or rejected him.  Appearances and images on social media show him popular. A football player, Homecoming King. These aren’t things gotten easily. He had to be well known and liked. Teens today don’t elect someone they hate. Or someone who is bullied by the school’s elite. (yes they exist. Each has one. Your son or daughter knows who the in crowd kids are. Those are that’s school’s elite)

It could be as simple as embarrassment from a rejected ex girlfriend who could one of the dead, to something much greater and unknown. We do know that gun control, either for or against isn’t the solution. He could have easily and more silently stabbed each student. That would have been more deadly too. So the means of his killing isn’t the issue. Nor is it how he got in to the cafeteria. He could have killed them elsewhere. His motive is the question.  And that leads us back to bullying.

Bullying isn’t the old ‘big guy shakes down little guy for lunch money’ anymore. Its evolved. Its teens attacking each other over weight, clothes, styles, speech, disabilities or greater abilities. Its homophobia, xenophobia and basic cyber hatred, Its all our fault too. To borrow a phrase from CW’s ‘The arrow’ we have failed our cities.

That’s why I choose such a dark place to center the novel. Only in the darkness can you truly see the light. I might not have a solution but If I show you the ugliness enough maybe you will see it for what it is. No Gwen nor Aria are angels. They bully each other. That doesn’t make it right and each will suffer from it. One will learn to be better and do things without attacking others. The other won’t.

One of the themes in the novel series is resurrection. Its in all my stories in one form or another. The most obvious is homecoming song. AS much as I wish this event today could have a happy ending, it won’t, Fryberg is dead. His life and all its promise and potential cast to the central air of that High school when he killed himself. The girl he killed; her life ended before her friends at a lunch. No goodbyes, no instagram, no last tweets. Everything she had planned for that day and every day later over before she could get there. Her parents have the hardest task of all. They must bury their daughter. They must enter her room and remove her stuff and pack it away. Deactivate cell phones and facebook etc. All because she possibly made a choice to reject him either in supporting the girlfriend or as it. No resurrection there.

MY wish out of this is it is remembered and used to fight bullying in all its forms. No one should feel small because of what God they serve, what orientation they prefer, what clothes they wear or what skin pigment they have. Politics isn’t the solution. Communication is. There was none of that leading to this or it wouldn’t have happened.

Finally, a side note. A) There are some minor changes to Pyrrhic Victory song  as it becomes the first 3 chapters. I added a more detailed description of how Gwen’s imagery is formed. I can’t rewrite it in first person as much as I want to, so this should help understand why siren’s have the most power. If I choose to adjust it again I will let you know, When I am finished, I will reupload the corrected story everywhere so it is an accurate reflection. B)I no longer believe bitcoins are real money. This has nothing to do with you all just that I saw nothing out of all the free faucets I tried. Lets say a concerted effort couldn’t get a dollar in either way. If you believe in it, good. If not oh well.


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