Why do people have to be evil when I need them to be good?

If you are a follower of pop music, a fan of Kesha or watch TMZ, you know about Kesha suing Dr. Luke over allegations of emotional, sexual and other abuse. So why does this matter to me?

I had planned to use a version of him in ‘Song of Betrayal’. If you are following me, you know this because Dr. Kasz is in ‘Pyrrhic Victory Song’ and mentioned in ‘Homecoming Song’. I Understand music industry peeps are not nice people. I never expected that. I expected them to be my version of the Lannisters and Starks.  What Kesha is alleging puts Dr. Luke in the category with my character Jeaux. Read  ‘Homecoming Song’ to find out what happened to him.

So to be brief, my Dr. Kasz will NOT be like Dr. Luke. I am not saying that Dr. Luke IS like what Kesha alleges The treated her. I am saying that he will become different, more like what I expected. It also sadly means another delay as I go fix some more history so I don’t have to edit ‘Pyrrhic Victory Song’. I fully plan on simply merging that in as it stands. It’s live, so its content won’t change. I griped about this to the glee writers about continuity and consistency. I stand by it myself. Will Dr. Kasz be devious? Yes. Will he be want control? Yes. Will He push? Yes. However, he is unaware of the assembly and that spell bad news for him if he gets on the bad side of the princess. Even if I used the allegations, the attempts would fail, as I have established that members of the assembly can’t get drunk. So even if I wanted Dr. Kasz to be a villain, he would eventually suffer the same fact as Jeaux.

Nevertheless, if the allegations are true then I am truly sad for Kesha and what she experienced.  If you have ever heard her unautotuned, she has a beautiful voice. She writes everything. She’s the reason I watched Rising star and because of that I discovered Macy Grey. I want Kesha to be successful.  Anyway, though I would share this update because if actually had bearing on my story as I did use a character similar to Dr. Luke.  Until the morrow, enjoy the stories. Oh and watch Scorpion and Forever.


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