Alot of things can be said about homecoming.  Like the joy felt when you burst through that door at the end of the drive from work or the glee when you see beloved friends and family over a holiday. Even the discovery of a new place to be can be a homecoming of sorts. Funny thing is, this was not the intended path I had planned when I started this story in 2013. I started this story a calender year ago, impressed by the big bouquets and homecoming dances that the cheerleaders (all-star and otherwise) I follow on twitter were involved in.

I never had that. Homecoming was a football game, one of the first and that was that. Oh there was a dance but nothing more. I had planned a small story involving that type homecoming, collected the info and then well I heard Tenth avenue North’s ‘Worn’.

I was in the process of moving to Houston and it exhausted me. So did working overnight making the money to do it.  I saw the video and the idea floated about. It wasn’t until six or seven pages in that I realized that the tree could me mean so much more. It took off from there.

Reagan got involved when I switched to first person and suddenly discovered myself painted into a corner. In the end, I think I did right by her. She got the best homecoming because she lost so much, she had forgotten what she lost. Also on the gravity of Allison’s drama; I tried my best to not make light of it. To be as serious as possible. Its not handwaved away by no means.

And yes this is set after the events of the novel. I need to make something off that. I know this isn’t seen at all. Nearly 800 people on twitter, celebrities using the @ instead of the # to promote thunderclap the social media  page and yet this is almost invisible. So until this is visible, I will have to sell the novel. It will get to amazon. It will get to print. I just ran out of time for the incessant rejection cycle because people don’t get it, or don’t want to take the rich or help or do anything other than fund rich fools, or celebrities. Every new author has been rejected more times than every single NFL quarterback has been sacked during an entire season. That’s too much. Yet it is what it is.

The good news is, it will be out soon.  I am shooting for the next blood moon, (that’s april). Why then? I have to integrated Pyrrhic Victory song in as the first three chapters. I have to edit the new fourth chapter to remove Jenn from the remainder of the story. I have to rebuild the seventh chapter (the old fourth) using Gwen and Reagan instead of Jenn. Near the end a huge stage scene with Aria and others gets cut out, I have to fix that up too. Then I have to make sure it isn’t riddled with misspellings, bad grammar and punctuation.

This assumes that my next move is smooth (My lease ends in March and I am going down the street) as well as other reality events  don’t impact this. I promise the book is mostly ocean with a little on the land.

Anyway, its all just editing. Below is a shot of the school. Thats one of three entrances and the smallest. It leads to the atrium (seen in the picture) and the auditorium (to the left). Was not aware when I named it that there was an actual school in Queens (NYC) bearing that name and initials. The other image is obvious if you follow all-star Cheerleading. I wanted to do a All-star Games #Gamestrong Image for Wolverine Gold but I can’t tweet it as it would simply confuse and anger some. So here it is.

Forest Hills High school

An Oblique view of the southwest entrance of Forest Hills

fictional cheer gym #gamestrong image

All star games 2015 #gamestrong logo
Yes its fictional

So that is all that needs to be said. Hope you enjoy the story. Thanks for following.  I will continue to post images, stories and other discourse on the Song of the Assembly reality.


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