Pictures are worth a 1000 words so…

One of the things I like to do is visualize the actual locations my characters reside. Actual things and places help bring life to the story. I guess its the movie (Or TV show) in me that wants to see this. So I settled down to create these things from the ideas and writings.
This will be the first time I am posting alot of this so let me give out the attributions first. Football Helmet was made by Rezland. Its called the Revolution Football Template. I got it off Deviant art.  The football uniform is Under Armour Template by dmhtfld.
The CheerHouse Logo contains a modified version of the Weber State Football’s secondary image. Also the wolverine in the Forest Hills Wolverine Football logo comes from a House Stark Dire wolf logo created on Deviant Art and offered for download and use. Finally, the faces of both Aria and Gwen were blended on MorphThing ( Gwen was created using two teenage all-star cheerleaders and two Australian celebrities. All are blondes. The teens are 18 and the celebs 25. Aria was created using a popular hip-hop star and a model.
Finally, the Forest Hills Wordmark is my own creation. The buildings used to show the school complex won’t be revealed for obvious reasons. However if you live in the correct state you can probably recognize at least the stadium. While I am proficient in Paintshop Pro, I am not a graphic designer so I needed help realizing my vision. I used Google Earth to match the elevations and correct sizes.
So on to the pictures.
 Forest Hills Wolverines Helmet on Booker FieldForest Hills Wolverines Uniform Home
Forest Hills Wolverines Uniform AwayForest Hills Athletics logo

Aria Natal

Aria Darri Natal

Gwen Breton Cetus

Gwen Breton Cetus

Grace Cheer logo

Grace Cheer and Dance

So the only pictures left are the satellite shot of Lafayette that shows where the school is relative to the rest of the city. One of the things I wasn’t aware of was the massive size of the campus once I pasted it into the location I selected.
So because of its size (its as large as Louisiana University Campus), I created a backstory to explain how Forest Hills came to be an how the stadium came to pass. One thing is certain. The Lafayette of my reality has 18,000 more seats available to them for concerts and other events.  The stadium is called Booker Field. The Cajun Dome is in the lower left corner and the downtown is due east. The CheerHouse is due south and east of the stadium.

Forest Hills Satellite map Ele 6664 due N

Booker Field and Forest Hills High School due west of Downtown Lafayette

So that story is for a different post. The short is its an old facility having been renovated. It began its life as a college as well. It fell victim to the civil rights movement. The school is a different story. So what does this have to do with mermaids? Everything. North and west of the stadium is a Natatorium. Well this is the end of this post.

Homecoming song will be up as soon as I finish installing the youtube links. I am also in the process of the final edit of the novel. I had expected to get it out to the world by now, however things never work a way you expect. Still It is coming. If not December then in 2015. Thanks for following me.


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