Deep water abounds yet remaining surface bound

I had an interesting discussion with a friend today. He’s a former college football player (for you non Americans, He plays American football) who simply wouldn’t believe that competitive Cheerleaders possessed the same raw power that football players do. While that subject is not open for debate here (if you wish to discuss it, tweet me) the discussion made me think about how the stories are received,

The core is two teen girls who are mermaids. However, their society is the oldest civilization and therefore to prevent the other societies from destroying the seas, they have infiltrated those to guide things to benefit them. This gives the girls the opportunity to not only be a part of modern society but also theirs as well. However, from the perspective of the stories (without the novel), its all surface society.

Yes both are competitive cheerleaders. All full assembly members are incredibly athletic. If that is most gone (like 1/4 or less) then they become like us. Another reason, I guess I chose cheerleading is: they are always depicted as bitches when in reality most are not. However, the most successful are driven and that tends to be translated wrong.

Still its surface, so where is the sea in the story? its there. The pool and train and the message tubes reveal a direction. The next story (the one following Homecoming song) will be set in Ondine, the assembly capital. Its in the Great barrier reef. It will deal with the impending Dolphin Crisis and Taiji.

This image:
anniversary display Is kind of like my stories. That’s Lucretia holding up a cup of coffee. She’s the Starbucks mermaid and yet she sells a distinctly surface only thing; coffee.

All in all, I ma moving towards more sea stories, However, there is a small problem that I am still working on. Music under water. Sirens sing. However, in my story reality they are so much more. All the assembly members are. So, Just because I happen to have stories about teen girls and guys who seem to be surface bound, its really only one facet of a much larger picture. It will be a good journey, and I hope you will enjoy it with me. There is so much I want to show. Thanks for being here.


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