Altering the landscape

I know its been a while since I posted regularly. That is wholly my fault as I have let other parts of my life in general distract from from writing. However, the idea for my story-verse never leaves my mind. It just moves to the background. After finishing ‘The quest’ (its good but ratings were so poor, it probably won’t happen again) I decided to focus on this again . Which brings me to my post.

The reality of the Assembly does not flow the same as ours. There are events that happen there that didn’t happen here or won’t. To be specific, I can’t use living celebs until I get permission. So there is no Kelly Clarkson. Yet there is a Calli Clerkson. That you will see alot of. Yet, I need touchstone that you know. Celebs that you know. They are peppered though all the stories. Song names and mentions of events. Its Oct 2009 at the end of Homecoming song, even though the furthest you can read is May 2009.

Yet, I feel I would do you a disservice if I don’t make it clear who actually exists and who doesn’t. So This is what I have decided.

  1. All songs will always have the original author and who sings it in our reality tagged to it, even if that person doesn’t exist there. I will work something out but I will hold to that. Also, I plan on putting the youtube links in the stories now so you can hear the music without digging for it.
  2. Those who are prevented from having a career or chose a different path, I will tell you here.
  3. Unless I specifically point out an individual, assume they do exist. Right now time is normal up to 2006. Things start to change when Gwen and Tom met at the Detroit Amtrak station that night in September.

As of right now (September 13, 2014):

  • Kasz Godard is Dr. Luke (Lukasz Gottwald) If you don’t know who he is, you aren’t a student of pop culture. Click that link and discover something interesting about how music is made.
  • That being said, Miley Cyrus missed her meeting with Dr. Kasz because he was in Orlando meeting with Gwen during Worlds rather than on the way to Arizona with Clerkson (Clarkson). Because of that missed meeting, the ‘Party in the USA’ song gets written differently, becoming much less popular. Since the shooting of ‘Last Song’ and then her concert tour eat up the remainder of 2009, this meeting is also where Dr. Kasz would suggest Nina Armor of Stone Gangsters to write with her again. Instead, Nina meets with Gwen shortly after the end of ‘Homecoming song’.  This means that John Shanks is left with the album and Can’t be Tamed is far more rock. It is far less popular, but causes Miley to be more Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett than who she is in Our reality.
  • Nina Armor is Antonia Armato and Stone Gangsters is Rock Mafia. Again click the link if you want to know about how music is made.
  • Lorde does not become famous for her music until 18 and is only popular in Australia and New Zealand. Basically, Aria steals the phone from her friend’s father which has the recording on it that would start her career. This is revealed in Homecoming Song. How this alteration plays out is part of the storylines I am working on.
  • Katy Perry is actually recording as Katy Hudson, Contemporary Christian artist. How? In late 2001, Pamplin Music closed down because it was losing money.  On of the things that is consistent in the story-verse is all the assembly are wealthy by virtue of their longevity and access. Simply put it is established in ‘Song of Betrayal’ that Gwen uncle Emmett owns a label. he also knows Dr. Kasz. It is established in ‘Midnight Train Song’ that Emmet is a Politico like Lorelei. Therefore, his involvement in Pamplin Music as well its base of established artists (it was profitable and had some of the big Christian names at the time) would lead to its survival. Since Katy Perry did sign with them first (she actually signed with 3 labels before her success in 2009) she would most likely remained. This doesn’t mean that Pamplin survived to 2009. This means that they survived long enough to her to release an album that cemented her as a christian artist.  To be specific, she is signed to Emmet’s label Siren Song. Emmet is attached to UMG. This also means that all her secular songs don’t exist in the storyverse as hers, yet. Again this is a storyline I am following. A piece of this is at the end of ‘Song of Betrayal’

Right here there is enough changes to alter the landscape for the future. One hint I can share, That trophy case you will see in Gwen’s room in chapter 4 of ‘Song Of Betrayal’ will have a Moonman and a Miniature golden  Gramophone sitting in it by 2014.

As always, I will try to keep you apprised of anything major going on. A hint go to youtube and watch ‘Jack and Bobby’ I always liked that show. Its set in 2006.


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