Rememberance and History

As I post today, I am aware this is the 13th anniversary of 9/11. At the time this will go live it will be late afternoon early evening. That day was horrific, dark and overly depressing on so many levels. yet inside that morass of darkness nuggets of light shined. People escaping the collapse of the north tower. The miracle of the guy who escaped the south tower from near the roof, those who didn’t go to work for some reason, those who gave their lives on flight 93 saving the US Capital building from destruction. So many miracles today inside that death.

With all that, the reading of the names and everything those in NYC suffered, I figured it would be best to post ‘Midnight Train Song’ today. Its the beginning of story, revealing Lorelei who you don’t get to meet in ‘Song of Betrayal’ because she’s passed on. She’s fallen through tragic, horrific circumstances similar to 9/11.

‘Midnight Train Song’ is more than that. It’s Gwen and Tom’s first meeting. Its WH Taft High alive and vibrant. Its a tip of the hat to Glee. It will hopefully increase the pleasure when I release ‘Song of Betrayal’

This brings me to another thing. I am embedding YouTube links into the story for here and Patreon viewers.
I honestly don’t know to get the songs out without slowing down the story majorly. The rights mine field blocks alot of want to do. Its not as easy as just asking. So the only viable solution is two copies. there will be a public PDF posted to scribd that is link free. If you want to read it on devices without WiFi etc. There you go. Here you will get bracketed links right before a musical event in the story that will give the song in question, so you can hear the music while you read. (or before if you don’t like to do both)
This way the emotions, and lyrics don’t get lost.

Some lyrics are important to the story. Others just set the mood. I do this as I can’t post lyrics and offer the story of sale without infringing on someone’s copyright. The story itself will be up before the end of the day.

Thanks for coming, reading and following. I know you are small who care. You count. Thanks.


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