Been gone to long, so here’s an update.

Sorry about the lack of posting. I have been caught up in numerous things. Moving and establishing myself in Houston, the lack of motion on my novel and why, working on Homecoming song are the top things. So here is what is happening:

  1. Homecoming song is almost finished. It is at 29,000 words. Thats 50 pages at 8 1/2 x 11. You will get a  more detailed view of the School shooting. Basically the scene that Tom saw in Pyrrhic Victory Song is from Gwen’s point of view in dreamscape so she adds her memories to it.
  2. Song of Betrayal will include Pyrrhic Victory Song as its first 3 chapters. Yeah I told you this before but I’d planned on editing it into first person like the rest of the novel. THAT won’t happen now. So many other things consume my time, I get maybe an hour here or three there in a week. Converting the book from 3rd person to first would be effectively rewriting it. That would take at my speed the greater part of a year to a full year. I started this in 2011. (That’s when I finished Rain and realized I should try writing another unique novel). I want it available to you by years end.
  3. So Song of Betrayal will edited globally one final time. This time I will edit a chapter at a time removing chunks that involved the Traveller Jen and the glee bits I added. (basically how Aria and Gwen get their contacts). The current ending will be removed (Traveller Jen was integral to scenes in the beginning so she was in the end.) and replaced with Gwen singing her unique song (its a chapter before). It will still be 12 chapters and 70,000 words. The excised pieces that relate to Aria will be posted in a short story. Traveller Jen will be reduced to simply Dr. Volkov’s friend. in what is now the fourth chapter.
  4. Rain, the story I wrote in 2011, I edited to fit my universe. I stripped out Rachel, Finn, Quinn etc and replaced them with my characters. You get to meet Lorelei finally. The original story is at . Its based in Lima and Elida Ohio so a read of it would be like watching a first season episode of glee. It does contain several characters who I moved to the novel.  At 88,000 words its too large for me to edit beyond changing names, locations and minor details.  I will post it to my Barnes and noble link as a 1 penny book. (which is basically free) I will announce it when that happens.
  5. I have posted Pyrrhic Victory Song and will post Homecoming song to wattpad. It allowed me to designate people who represent the characters. Everyone is who I would select other than Ashley Benson, I would actually choose Jamie Andries but it wouldn’t recognize her. (kind of surprised considering she has almost 100k instagram followers 80k twitter followers and have articles in New York Magazine and American Cheerleader. She also models and acts. All at 17.
  6. Finally, I want to share something fascinating. One of the things if you have read Pyrrhic Victory song is that Siren’s trance people with song. They effectively put them in what I called hypnotic suggestion. However there is now medical paper in New Scientist that talks about turning consciousness on and off via electric shock to a specific part of the brain. This is the link to the article. This is the Wikipedia entry to that part of the brain that is discussed in the article.

This pic is of where Dr Volkov’s office is in Lafayette, Threw that up. The second is a shot of Cheer athletics Charlotte. Gives you an idea of the scope of a cheer gym. The CheerHouse is much bigger.

Well thats it for now. Shooting for next month to have Homecoming song up.


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