Moving, writing and more cheerleader thoughts

Sorry for the long absence. I wanted this blog to be active and at least post once a month. That didn’t happen so I do apologize. So why was I gone?

  1. I needed time to prepare and move to Houston to pursue my dreams, my career (not this one, the one I spend $50 grand on) and make sure my mom is well.
  2. I needed to be near the ocean. Big difference between 63 miles and 663 miles.
  3. I needed to be more aware of how my characters think. Couldn’t do that where I was.

On the writing side:

Homecoming song will now be published in first person with pov from Aria, Gwen and Reagan.  I tried to make it 40%, 40%, 20% . However, I had to stop 60% in 2 days before the move. So its still not finished. Still its not, I will give a sneak peak on the song and the Idea behind it.  The song is ‘Worn’ by Tenth Avenue North. is the actual link in case the embedded one didn’t work.
Singing beneath the dead tree

From the beginning of the video.
Sun on the tree
The story follows the video so if you watch the video and listen the story will make more sense. However, if you never see the video or hear the song, the story will still resonate. Its about Gwen’s struggle and Tom’s too.

As always this brings me to Cheerleaders. I just learned that Jamie Andries of Cheer athletics is going to LA to shoot an episode of the ‘secret diary of the American cheerleader’. Don’t know what that is?

Secret Diary of the American Cheerleader: the Fierce one

Its good. Similar to what I am trying to do only mine has the added fun of the cheerleaders as mermaids. Not all mermaids are wealthy. Anyway is the link.  The only question is where did the money to pay for everything come from.

On a final note: I am still hoping for mid to late this year for the book release. If not then I will post the first chapter here. Basically, I need $5 grand or an agent. If you guys want to do either, donating links are on the page as is my twitter. Follow and DM me. I will respond. Serious inquires only.

Also, worlds is coming up so if you haven’t read it, read Pyrrhic Victory song. And throw me a buck on or  Thanks. Thanks for following. Talk soon.


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