Welcome to 2014: the year of Cheerleader Sirens

Well at least I hope this is the year for that. I thought it would be last year but…. It didn’t work out.
So here is what IS going on. Short story: Homecoming song is being rewritten in first person. You get Gwen, Aria and Reagan’s voices. I am still estimating it will fall around the same size as Pyrrhic Victory song however anything can happen. Nothing else has changed. Its still about Homecoming and restoration. This story will connect to Pyrrhic Victory song so you can understand it without the novel. However when the novel is released, the story will become that much richer.

On the novel, I want to convert it to first person. It will be One voice a chapter with Gwen being dominate. You will have Gwen, Tom and Aria’s voice. The character of Jen (of whom is important to the book and the story as a whole but not the stories because of her backstory. [She’s a Traveler. More on that later.]) who actually got a chapter alone won’t. It will be Gwen’s chapter and I will finally make Tyrion much more one dimensional.
You don’t know Tyrion yet but I want you too. Then you will understand Gwen’s journey to becoming Princess.

This loops us back to Cheerleading. Regardless of opinions, I opted to use all star cheerleading because of its team building, family aspect. Its the closest thing to what I wanted the actual Assembly houses to be. People don’t believe Cheerleading is an actual sport because they still see images of girls in sweaters and fluted skirts.

What people think is Cheerleading:
glee cheerios season 1  That is what is called sideline. This is not the Cheerleading that I have in the novel nor is it realistic anymore. Just like football has internal divisions as does basketball cheerleading does. Sideline is to cheerleading now what development league is to NBA. You get no awards, no championships, (name last years NBA-D League champion without Google. I bet you can’t!) you remain unknown to anyone but your squad.

This is actual cheerleading: 

Cheetahs on the floor NCA 2013
This is an actual all star cheerleader:Jamie in 2011-2013 CA Cheetahs uni crop topHer name is Jamie Andres.
Notice her abs. That is eight years of training. Who is this wonderful lady. That’s Jamie Andries who currently is the most popular All star cheerleader. She is to all star cheerleading is what Peyton Manning is to Football. Her gym, Cheer Athletics, and her Squad, Cheetahs (hense the animal print) just won a major invitation only championship: The Majors. They are closer to Gymnastics than to the old shake pom poms and shout days. She is an inspiring individual. You should follow her on twitter. (she does sideline too)

So when I designed Full of Grace Cheer I used CA as my muse. Most of the ideas were there from my glee fanfic stories but other things came as I learned. I want Cheerleading to do for the novel what it does in reality; inspire. Anyway, not much else happening.

Expect Taiji is now the HQ for the Warriors of Dagon/Piscine. I am using some real people to show the horrors there. They deserve it. Oh if you are in Dallas or Fort Worth Texas, NCA is coming up. ITs their big championship. Its cheap and you will be stunned by the amount of people there to cheer on Gyms and their squads who compete for glory, sportsmanship and a jacket and ring.


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