What I want for Christmas…

Well, Its that time of year. What do I want for Christmas? For you to see my stories as I see them.  However as you have well noticed, unless you pay for an uber template that allows for format adjustments (or you have your WordPress on your own domain etc) The stories don’t look right. This annoys me to no end. So I am going to start embedding the pdfs. Scribd allows for this so I am going to link both together over the holidays anyway. As promised I posted the Christmas story. It will the last one straight text.

Second gift: writing in the first person.  I noticed while I was reading Midnight Frost by Jennifer Estep that hers and all the other popular YA novel series are first person. Mine is third person. So I am going to change that. First story: Homecoming Song. ‘I need a little Christmas’ I wrote as a glee fanfic so I simply edited it, It was already first person.

This is will move the novel back several months as this is a major edit. I am still having issues with the first chapter pulling people in. I want you to be sucked in. I am keeping the third person versions of each as background among other things. (I still have the text of what Gwen’s bedroom looks like it. It was deleted in the second rough draft.) This will be the final major edit because I will catch everything I missed. Then its off to another round of agents etc

Third gift: Old story called ‘Behold the Lamb’. Wrote if several years ago and have been editing it. Its third person and has glimmers of the idea of the mer back when. Its about the birth of Jesus. If I get the time to It will make it before Christmas, If not then no It will be next year, and probably in first person too.

Finally for those of you who have subscribed (thanks and merry Christmas) The titles reflect who is speaking. Any story that Aria, Gwen or Tom are a main character will always have ‘Song’ in the title. Those that don’t will be titled based on content.

SO to the rest of you,  merry Christmas.



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