The Jouney onward amidst the silence.


Its been over a month since I posted so I want to give an update as to what is going on before this blog falls into the wasteland my other attempts did. Other parts of my life demanded attention and whether I like it or not then shove writing to the back.

1) Homecoming song is halfway done. Its set after the novel on the first weekend of Oct 2009. It took a sharp change in course so now will deal with Tom and his sister, her life altering issue and the hunters against Gwen and Aria dealing with their new roles in the aftermath of her becoming princess. The story itself like all Gwen Aria ones will be based around a song. Its ‘Worn’ by Tenth avenue North. It will see the first appearance of the Hunters from ‘A view from the street’ as well as the use of songs a weapons. You also get a heavy metal song: Bodies by the American metal band Drowning Pool and the lead single from their debut album Sinner.

2) Homecoming song won’t deal with Tom’s origin or the ‘Midnight train going anywhere’ as they will be another story. I realized that if I did both it wouldn’t be a short story it would be a novel so I am going to keep the focus on  Lafayette and Tom. Although you do get a scene of how Tom was convinced to help Gwen and Lorelei. It involves a song of course. Oceans by Hillsong United.

3) Christmas story coming up. I wrote one awhile back and didn’t publish it. So with a few edits it will be ready for the holidays. Its set in the same world as all the rest and its about the birth of Jesus. Yes, it includes Assembly members.

4) If I can’t get the novel into the system by summer, I will post it to Kindle direct. I would rather have one person read it then none.

5) All stories with songs I will create a informational blog post with links to the videos so you can get all of them in one place. Pyrrhic Victory song has 13. So does the Song of Betrayal. Three are already in Homecoming song including the aforementioned ones as well as Taylor Swift and Pink.

6)I did see the Once upon a time ‘Ariel’ episode and I am pleased how they handled Ariel and the mermaids as a whole. It doesn’t fight against my mythos or contradict it. Arial nor Ursula exist in my universe for obvious reasons but this it was nice to see. Also saw Mako mermaids from the same people who made ‘H20 just add water’. It muddies what they did but it gave me ideas. Good but still not so much.

Thanks for reading. And please keep following.


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