Heartache, Hope and Hunger games

My story mind always flows in a linear style similar to how we live our lives. I value cohesiveness and continuity. Its really what slows down my writing. I am always digging for details. Cheerleading info to be accurate. Sea info, Illuminati conspiracies etc. Anything to give more life. I watch shows from people who inspire, respect or amuse. Stuff that drives my muses. Glee was one of those shows. I won’t go into the nasty details or my opinions of those details. Nor will I go into the hows and the whys. I feel it could have been better. I feel it should have been. It wasn’t. It was heartbreaking. In so it ended for me.I file it with Battlestar Galactica (who tried to convince everyone that its crew wanted to live without modern tech, right…) and few other shows that to me failed. All things done and processed, I run in my mind how it would be if I saw them; my characters talking and acting. Then I write the raw passages.

This next story will be that. Raw. Its centered around two things: (1) Tom’s dirty laundry and how it affects him and Gwen (2) Homecoming where Aria wants to regain her lost popularity. I figure it will be the size of Pyrrhic victory song.

The book arcs will deal with Global merpeople issues. The next novel will be probably set in Gwen’s last year of school. It will be focused on her as an artist and how she is going to fulfill her call.
Just like we will see Katniss do the same in #catchingFire. As you see I got my official Panem 3rd quarter quell ID badge. I will play their game but not much.  Still its interesting. Even if I don’t believe in their dystopia.


I respect their work. even if I didn’t like How Mockingjay went, It did go well. Thats the difference between glee and its loss of Cory and the Hunger Games series. You have to make hard choices because you are telling a story. When that finishes don’t drag it on. Don’t finish in a unnatural or false way. Don’t kill off a character that you need even if the actor dies. There is always another solution. Comments are appreciated, If you are curious about my actual opinion on glee, ask.


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