Irony in including real world figures in Fiction

Just discovered something this morning when I started to write a new short story set after the first book. 1) Pyrrhic Victory Song is live on Its a dollar. You can do a dollar right? Thanks.

2) When I wrote it, I centered the story around Kelly Clarkson’s ‘My life would suck without you’. I did my background research to make sure that I wasn’t disrupting her flow in history. Everything fit including the fact that Dr. Luke was working with Kelly at the time. Well what I didn’t notice was Dr. Luke would work on Miley Cyrus’s third album (the final attached to Hannah Montana).

Here is the irony. If a siren impressed him so much before he chose to work with Cyrus, even if he didn’t know she was one, he would choose her over Cyrus who is a known quantity with many others of his caliber who could produce her album. That’s what happened in the short story. It was entirely unintentional. Nevertheless it happened.

Good news: No twerk crazy Miley in the fictional reality. Different producer means different style, So unintentionally I came in like a wreaking ball to Bangerz.

The new story will revolve around Homecoming, including the mum tradition popular in Texas (which is in Louisiana too) but will reveal more about Tom’s family and his dark secrets. Also you get a taste of Gwen and Tom’s original meeting, more songs and more about Winn too.

As for the novel, its processing. I still don’t have a firm date. I hope to have one soon. At least I haven’t been told to shut it down.  😀


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