Finally here and finally finished.

For those of you following this blog, I spent most of this talking about my novel series involving mermaids. Also all-star cheerleading logos cluttered the posts too. Now you can see why. Pyrrhic Victory song is a prequel for ‘Song of Betrayal’, It deals with the events that lead into the story. The actual theft of the golden ticket, the worlds victory. Gwen and Tom’s complicated relationship.

It serves as an example of what is to come in the series as well as setting the stage for the main event; Gwen’s betrayal. You also meet a few characters that you wouldn’t normally meet yet. Oh and outside of Kelly Clarkson, Dr. Luke and Narvel Blackstock no other real people were used. Everyone else is fictional. Cheer gym names aren’t  (Maryland Tide is but there is a reason as you will read) Nothing disparaging is meant to any living person, I have the utmost respect to each of them.

So enjoy. if an errors are there its because in word its 66 pages weighing 27k words. That makes it actually a novella. Oh well, go big or go home eh?




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