Hatred, hope and an update

I was watching Big brother last night (had to use a streaming service who was also picking up a Canadian who streamed it onto the internet) and sat there while Julie Chen  tore into Aaryn Gries for making homophobic and racial remarks. She hemmed and floundered as she tried to defend herself, ultimately failing to do anything but apologize, say she didn’t remember and blame her upbringing. 

The interview was fair. However, the reaction wasn’t. People booed her. People laughed at her painful discomfort. If you wanted any of the live stream, you learned alot about everyone, her included. This isn’t about justifying her actions or even her. Its about our reactions and how that impacts the stories. Those people felt comfortable enough to boo and spew hate onto a person they never knew and never met because they heard (most didn’t because the feed is expensive) her say things that offended them.

Have we got that sensitive? Yes. People would say we have grown, Have we? No. So having a actual different culture whose values remain radically different should cast a light on our behavior? I am afraid not. For all of the Cmdr Data and other alien/forehead of the week they really don’t address those deep issues. I saw no love, no forgiveness. Just raw animosity.

The Assembly (the name I set for the mer race) by an large have the same opinion of humanity as the crowd had for Aaryn. They see the pollution of the ocean, the killing of Dolphins and whales, the utter disregard as the people did for her homophobic and racial comments. Deep, deep wounds that need to be healed only through learning.

Thats the flow of the series. Overcoming the breach of fierce anger with love. Its a message of hope in the midst of the ugliness. The first novel ‘Song of Betrayal’ is being polished. Grammar and tighter word choices function as cloths across its surface buffing away the final dust of construction. It topped out at 70k words about 300 pages in paperback, maybe 150 in kindle.

You get to meet Gwen, a teenage siren, who struggles with the choice of punishing her best friend Aria for stealing a musical golden ticket. Aria uses it to jump-start a career in music so she can be on Broadway.  Both ladies are 16 yr all-star (competitive) cheerleaders at Forest Hills High School in Lafayette, La. Their Gym is Grace Cheer and Dance. Only Aria is the princess of the Assembly, her grandfather being the King.

This is why we saw all the competitive Cheer stuff. Its actually a tiny part of the novel now. Most I moved into the novella. Still its actually important.

I expect next year to offer it because of current location issues about other real life events. However, I am offering a novella that directly relates to the story.  Called “Pyrrhic Victory song” its set during the 2009 U.S. All Star federation of Cheer and Dance (USASF) Worlds championship hosted in Walt Disney World. Revealing how Wolverine Gold won their Worlds title, it reveals things about Gwen, Tom and Aria’s characters that I couldn’t in ‘Song of Betrayal’ due to pacing, plot and other issues.

You meet Gwen sister, Grace coach and Founder Angela Grace, the Gold team captains and several other minor characters some of whom have a major impact on the actions in the novel. I will basically sell it for a $1 online only as a promotional tool.  It isn’t required reading. However once you read it, you should appreciate the novel more. It should top out at 25k words. (it exploded when I decided to address certain things)

So I think that covers everything: we got Hatred at the beginning, hope in the center and an update at the end. Below is a what I plan to use as the cover for Nook and Kindle sales. Its the USASF ring presented to only those get first place in their division. Second and third get jackets, metals and a trophy. First gets the rings and the rest including a banner.


Finally, if for some reason I stop posting at the 13th all isn’t lost. It will come out.


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