I noticed something that I really didn’t think about until someone pointed it out. The blog is covered in cheerleader items yet the only posted story has nothing to do with them. Yea, wasn’t paying attention there. The cheerleader stuff relates to the stories involving Gwen and Aria. ‘A view from the street’ doesn’t even though Shelly is connected to Aria. So sorry about the confusion.

 To top that, none of the gyms I used will be in the novels but World Cup and Cheer Athletics because some idiots ruined an idea I was going to use. Namely, I was going to borrow a few past cheerleaders who have aged out to reinforce the background. Said individual would only say many a line or two. However, since said idiots decided to make main characters out of current high profile cheerleaders and then have them do out of character things (including things that are illegal, and slanderous), that is gone.

Both gym are mentioned. Both are now filed with fictional people. One is integral to the stories and I couldn’t change or alter it without making the major chunks pointless. So if you are reading ‘A view from the street’ thanks. Just ignore the cheerleaders for now. They will reveal themselves soon enough.


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