Next Short story…apologies

Sorry about the vagueness of the post. While the next short story will be basically a prologue to the novel, it is more profound than that. It deals with victory and how sometimes even when you win, you still lose something dear. If you read this first and then the novel, it definitely enrich the novel as you will understand the root of Tom’s love for Gwen. You will also understand why that golden ticket means so much. Finally you will get a clearer sense of who Lorelei was. These were things I couldn’t delve into in the novel as they would only weight it down.

The novel is about honor and choices. Its about the underdog triumphing. Its a cross between glee and game of thrones. Its heart is a 15 yr old woman scarred by several losses who chooses to honor who she is even though it cost her the only real friend she thinks she has. The golden ticket is simply the means to the destination.

The story is about glory, victory and cost. Its about might makes right. If you pay attention you can meet opportunity as it approaches your door. Yet everything costs. Those prices we pay in achieving our goals. Our struggle for redemption. Can we move on when we lost what we hold dear especially when someone esteem desecrates our memorial through selfcenteredness?  I think you will like it. IT as always will stand on its own.

Finally, this blurb needs to said as well. Its an image so i hope it appears. (I am still getting the hang of this.)

this is proected Copywritten work that is entirely fictitious. Anything that resembles reality is concindental

Its all mine under US copyright law.


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